Taking a Blog Break

Hello! I’m taking this week off blogging to give my wrist a rest.


I’ll still be around commenting, I just won’t be posting! Have a great week – see ya!

83 thoughts on “Taking a Blog Break

    1. I don’t think I need surgery, just need to improve my posture and work station layout. My fingers were really sore and going numb and swollen. It’s a lot better now with the brace but I just want to give it more rest.

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      1. Yikes. D= Sounds like carpal! I’m glad it sounds like it’ll straighten itself out, and especially glad you can take a break. I mostly know it from my artist friends who make a living with their hands – brr. Glad it’s already healing up. Get well soon! =)


      1. We’re incredible susceptible to carpal and cubital tunnel because of the repetitive nature of all the movements we use. Luckily I’ve found that bracelets with magnetic beads lessen/eliminate the pain of my carpal and cubital tunnel so I wear those at work and they’re a lot easier to handle than the braces. Of course they don’t prevent or lessen any damage so I’ll still have to get the braces eventually

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          1. I wear one on each wrist every day and I’m not sure about the science of it but if I go a day without one the pain is incredible. With them I don’t feel a thing. And not just in my wrists. It eliminates my pain all the way up to my elbow and I don’t get that numbness you can sometimes feel either.


  1. Get well soon! I remember when I sprained my wrist, I had to wear a brace for over a month… @_@ It was my dominant hand too. 😦 I injured my left foot/ankle this week so I’ve been wearing a brace and putting my leg in a splint when I sit. SENDING YOU GOOD WISHES~ ❀

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    1. Aww sorry you hurt yourself – I hope you heal quickly!
      My hand is a lot better now – the rest did it good. I still have to be careful about my posture and how I type. Thank you!


      1. I’m hoping it’s the “much better” option rather than the “getting used to numb digits” option.
        I hope your assessment was helpful! What exactly does that entail? It sounds so official!

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        1. It WAS pretty official actually lol. I had to submit a detailed form to our ergonomic specialist (their are a few of them in the organization apparently!) and they schedule an hour long session at your office. He took photos of how I type, the position of my hand when I use the mouse etc! Then he adjusted my chair (did you know there are like 10 different sections you can adjust in an office chair?!) and made recommendations to my desk layout. THEN, he goes back to his office and types up a report including the pictures he took and emails it to me! I have to order a few “enhancements” for my desk like a foot stool (I’m short ok!) and wrist rests. Pretty thorough huh.

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          1. An ergonomic specialist? I wonder what sort of training is required for such a position. Do you have to go to school? Do you have to go to med school?! Or can I just declare myself the ergonomic specialist of my office? I have so many questions! Also, it sounds like a kind of awesome job.
            Since your review was ages ago now, how are you doing now that you’ve made the alterations? Hopefully much better!

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            1. I bet it’s a degree in kinesiology. I know soooo many people who went to school for that and ended up as… gym teachers, lol! Many of them had the illusion of going into sports medicine, I think. Or physiotherapy.
              Funny you should ask. A couple of my coworkers asked me today and I have to say, it’s MUCH improved! No more acute pain in my arm / wrist. And no numbness in my fingers! I have to be really aware of my posture though. Also, he advised that I get up from my desk to walk around once every hour so I take that opportunity to slack off, it’s great. LMAO. πŸ˜› (only for 5 mins)

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              1. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better!
                I have such poor posture,i really need to work on that. It really does sort of trickle down and affect so many other aspects of your body.
                Getting up and walking around every hour well help protect your eye sight as well! Double bonus!


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