Teeez Nail Lacquer in Melted Copper

This is unusual for me, this polish is the newest in my collection and I decided to wear it almost right away. Usually polishes languish in my untrieds pile for months and months… but this is just so different and beautiful in its bottle that I had to get it on my nails pronto!
Teeez Nail Lacquer in Melted Copper is a metallic corally copper with a scattered holographic shimmer.

Like many nail polish fiends, I have a weakness for holographic shimmers (or holos as they’re known in nail polish circles).  I mean, just look at this rainbowy stunner:
😮 The polish has good coverage in just one coat:
Adding another coat achieves bottle colour:
The scattered holo shimmer is not super strong, and is most apparent under direct bright light:
At first I thought the colour would register as an Autumn shade but I think it has enough coral rather than a rusty undertone that it works for Spring too.
It’s what I’d call an office appropriate bling shade, and unique to my collection.

The brush has a slight flatness, and is not too wide. It’s similar to the size of Essie brushes:
Besides the great formula and colour, Teeez Cosmetics does packaging really well:
But argh, the misuse of the apostrophe for plural! It’s “aromas”, not “aroma’s”… 😛
The colourful artwork around the handle is just a sticker wrap though:
At $15 CAD for 8.5ml of polish, it’s a bit steep.  Most polishes contain 15ml. The polish is just noted as “made in EU” which could be any of the 28 countries (Poland? Luxembourg?)
I just noticed that the brand name is actually called Teeez Trendy Cosmetics. Hehe, for some reason that sounds so 90’s to me, like Caboodles Cosmetics. 😛
As for the wear time, I can’t really speak to it since I’ve only had this on for 3 days, but so far so good. I’ll be getting gel polish applied at the salon later this week in preparation for my trip to Japan!

What’s your favourite holographic nail polish?

30 thoughts on “Teeez Nail Lacquer in Melted Copper

  1. When I saw the colour in the bottle I thought 🤔 not my thing… But it actually looks amazing on your fingers!! It almost has a caramel tone to it, love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh that is so pretty! I don’t actually have too many holos, despite the fact that I do love them. Does this remind you of any other brand’s holos, like OPI’s Designer Series?

    I’ll have to pick up a Teeez polish sometime 🙂

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    1. I actually tried to find a comparison and I couldn’t find a lot online. The closest one is from Cirque called Cyprus:

      More stronger holo.
      And maybe OPI DS in LImited:

      But I think it’s more pink-toned, and also discontinued!


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