Hudson’s Bay Shiseido GWP

I was reading online flyers on Friday morning – as you do! – and I came across this:

Shiseido gift with purchase (gwp) with $43 spend! I’ve been itching to replenish some Shiseido skincare so I hopped over to the counter at Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street.

And again, this will be the world’s most boring “haul” because I bought one thing:

Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

I like how Shiseido has a safety seal on their skincare, and they provide a little scoop.
I like how Shiseido has a safety seal on their skincare, and they provide a little scoop.

I’ve talked a lot about this eye cream – it’s my HG nighttime eye cream! I’m now gearing up for the colder months and I can’t imaging going through a Canadian winter without this. *hugs jar*  It’s pricey (C$68) but this jar will last me at least a couple of years.

Now the fun part, the gwp!

Hey, they can hire me to do their gwp promo photos next time!
Hey, they can hire me to do their gwp promo photo next time! 😉

It includes:
• Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam
• Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask (1 pair)
• Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment
• Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate
• Rouge Rouge Lipstick RD501 Ruby Copper

What I love about this particular gwp is that it contains some tried and true Shiseido products: I love that cleansing foam, and the eye mask is a guilty pleasure of mine. But it also contains new products that I’ve been wanting to try, like the serum and the Rouge Rouge lipstick!! Have you seen Temptalia’s post on the lipsticks? That post made me want to run out and buy all of them! The shade in the gwp wouldn’t have been my first choice, here’s what Ruby Copper looks like as per Temptalia:

Source. She describes it as
Source.  Temptalia describes this shade as “bright, medium-dark ruby red with cool, blue undertones and a natural sheen”.

But I’m excited to give the formula a try. My picks from the Rouge Rouge Lipsticks are: RD715 Rose Crush, RD716 Red Queen (check out this review post from Beauty Isles), and RD306 Liaison.

And how pretty is the pouch? It has a light pink lining with a grey outer layer in a laser cut design, and a wrist strap. It’s a keeper, for sure. The Shiseido gwp at Hudson’s Bay started Sept 7th and runs until the 18th, while supplies lasts (although, I’ve not known Shiseido gwp to run out… Clinique, that’s a whole other story!)

I’m patting myself on the back for sticking to my guns and only buying ONE item and only skincare. The Rouge Rouge lipsticks were calling out to me but they will have to wait… 😛

Do you only shop for makeup during gwp time? I know people who only buy during gwp, which makes a lot of sense… and takes a lot of self control! o_O

33 thoughts on “Hudson’s Bay Shiseido GWP

    1. I had never tried Shiseido about 5 years ago, but I saw a YT video and this women who had gorgeous skin proclaimed a Shiseido cream her all time favourite and she had been using it for years. I decided to try it and I became hooked! 😛

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      1. Yup, that can happen if ad is great. I think that was the only reason I got myself YSL transparent powder a year ago. It’s finished by now but still. I am fully aware that I let an ad affect me in my decisions but then again, I didn’t mind it at all 🙈😂


  1. Everything in the gwp looks great – like you said, Shiseido always includes tried and true products! The bag is super cute, too. I was tempted to buy something this time, but I neither need any full-sized Shiseido products, nor do I need more Shiseido samples, lol! Hope you love the Rouge Rouge formula…too bad it’s not in a colour you’d normally wear, but hopefully the formula is good enought that you’d go out and buy a full size of one of the shades you’re interested in.
    I’m one of those people that stock up only when there’s a gwp involved, haha!

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    1. I’m super excited to have the eye cream back in my life, lol! I swore to myself I’d give it a rest but it’s been about about 3 months without and I MISS IT! 😛 I did ask the SA to tell me about other eye creams they had but none of them felt as nice as this one. The gwp does include an eye cream so I can test that out. And I’m fairly certain by year’s end, I will get one of the Rouge Rouge lippies – I know that I just can’t resist!

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    1. I’ve slowly started chipping away at my gwp / samples pile. It’s a never ending battle though. But, they do come in handy for trips!
      We never have 3 for 2 offers here. Just % off, or sometimes there buy 1 get one half off.

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      1. I’m never tempted when the department stores send me newsletters with 15% off. It has to be at least save 1/3 or 3 for 2 for beauty stuff (I’ve got plenty of everything, so I can always wait for the next offer) and half price for everything else.


      1. Yeah I haven’t seen many good ones lately, it’s usually the 500 pt sets that I get, or if there happens to be a product like a mascara that I’ve been wanting to try. I can’t remember the last time I redeemed any points though!


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