My Very First Jolse Order

I’d never heard of Jolse until I started blogging. Then I came across the amazing Fifty Shades of Snail blog, which showcases Asian skincare. She often talks about and then I started noticing other blogs mentioning the site so I decided to order a few things to test it out.
Jolse is a Korean beauty site that offers free shipping and credits for every order. I got $3 credit just for signing up, which I was able to apply toward my first order.  There are often sales and special kit deals featured on the site.

The items I ordered are pretty boring, actually – I got:
• 8 Skinfood Mint Sparkling Foot Peeling Socks (foot masks)
• 2 Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer Volume Up (lash primer)

I’ve not tried those food masks before but I was looking for inexpensive and effective ones and read this detailed review of the product so I decided to give this a whirl. Not all of the masks are for me, some are for friends, and a couple for the SO. 😉

And the Etude House lash primer is my HG. I’m running out of my last tube, and just opened the KATE lash primer that I got in Japan and I don’t like it! (it’s got fibres ugh)

But the best part of ordering from Jolse are the samples!
I received:
• Etude House Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask
• Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum
• Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Foam
• Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence
• Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip
• Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (lip / cheek stain – I received a red and a pink shade)
• Hemish Artless Glow Base SPF50+/PA+++
• Jolse Blotting Paper (looks like there are at least 20 sheets in this pack!)
😀 My first experience shopping on Jolse was a very positive one!  My order came to $53.83 USD (converted to C$74.23).  I received $2 store credit that I can use for my next order.  Shipping took exactly 2 weeks and came packed securely in a sturdy cardboard box.  And since we both work during the day, the parcel was kept at the post office for me and required a signature to retrieve.  I did not incur any extra duty / taxes. Shipping was free (or ahem, included in the price of the products) and I found the prices of the products to be very reasonable and comparable to other sites.  I would recommend this site and I’m definitely ordering more from Jolse! 🙂  I have my eye on some CosRX skincare products.

Have you tried any of the products I got? Have you ordered from Jolse before? Where do you shop online?

50 thoughts on “My Very First Jolse Order

  1. Wow! So many samples which is really smart so that you can test out more products before ordering another time! I’ve never heard about Jolse before, so immediately I had to check out their makeup….and got sucked into an hour of browsing… fun Saturday mornings!!!

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    1. Yes, I’m sure if I end up liking any of those samples, I’ll be ordering them off Jolse – very smart of them!
      And yes, I’ve spent hours on that site. I want so many things! The limited edition stuff are SO cute!

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  2. I have everything from the Innis Free green tea range. My favourite from that line is the cream (it looks more like gel); hydrating and non-oily / heavy. The serum didn’t do much for me. It makes my face smells nice though 😛

    This discovery is clearly very dangerous for you. Their credit system have you on a hook *LOL*

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    1. Good to know about the Innisfree Green Tea range! When I was putting the samples away, I found another sample of that serum so I can give it a good trial – I hope I like it.
      Yes, it can be the beginning of a dangerous beautiful thing! 😉 I do like that their credit is shown in dollars, not some complicated points system that I need to convert back and forth, ugh.


  3. Wow! So many samples – I can’t believe it and it seems like there are more samples than the actual product and I’ve used HA moisturising serum before and so, etude house HA skin moisturizing looks very promising and I hope to see lots of reviews from these items pretty soon

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  4. Whoa, there’s more samples than products you actually purchased! 20+ blotting sheets is a super generous sample These products sound so awesome – I’m particularly interested in the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and the Peeling Foam.
    I may have to try this site out sometime – thanks for the introduction!
    Also…what happened to your September low-buy? XD

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    1. I was so surprised at all the samples! I was more excited about those than what I actually ordered! 😆
      Yes, the peeling foam piqued my interest too.
      My Sept low-buy is still going strong – this is stuff to replenish things I’ve used up! 😉

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    1. The foot peeling thing is SO satisfying!!! Literally the skin on your feet will PEEL off, like you’re a snake shedding its skin! My boyfriend is also addicted. 😀


  5. Ooo, those samples!! Sounds like an excellent first experience! I’m in recovery mode from my trip so I’m trying not to shop, but… when I start again, I’m going to check out Jolse, but avoiding it for the time being, haha! I’ll bookmark it for later 🙂

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  6. I absolutely LOVE Jolse! I always have positive experiences, they never skimp on samples, they have a huge variety of brands to choose from, lots of sales, guaranteed free shipping ALL the time, no waiting for special promotions (which to me does not seem reflected in the prices when compared to other sites like Etude House, etc where I pay an arm and a leg for shipping PLUS higher prices on products). I have actually pretty much been ordering exclusively from Jolse for a long time now and have become pretty loyal, so I suppose I’m biased! ^^

    PLUS I am so happy that they have a Jolse Blog attached to their online store with a dedicated employee who tries all their products and posts “reviews” on them. I don’t think they’re the most frank/honest reviews, but I appreciate the pictures and seeing swatches and stuff, and that Jolse cares enough to do this for their customers, because some products don’t have many reviews/pictures out there amongst the bloggers.

    Also, can’t beat the guaranteed store credit for each purchase! They even show how much store credit each product is if you put it into your cart.

    I really can’t say enough how happy I am with my shopping experience there! Such a fan! 😀

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    1. Ooh I just saw this comment – sorry for the delayed response.
      I know you’re Asian beauty OBSESSED so it’s great to hear your endorsement for Jolse! I browsed on a few other sites when trying to choose where to order and Jolse just came out on top in every area: price, selection, shipping and loyalty program. I much rather do a one stop shop than to order from a few sites.
      Yes, the Jolse blog is super informative, I love that they’re interactive with their customers and really want people to like their products, not just to order and forget about it.
      Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

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  7. Also, I loved the Etude House Hyaluronic Mask and the lip tints – I was impressed with the lip tints, my current fave has been the Peripera marker tint and I actually think Etude House tints were just as good… possibly… better…!!! O.O

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    1. I still haven’t tried the Etude House Hyaluronic Mask that I found in my drawer after you reviewed it! 😆 I’ll make a point of using it next week. The weather is getting cooler and my skin is drying out. I haven’t tried the lip tints yet either… glad to know you love them!

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  8. K I must ask what the Holika Holika Egg Peeling Skin Mask is supposed to do – assuming exfoliate? They always have the oddest names and packaging. 🤔

    I just discovered foot masks on my road trip – my feet were in bad shape from all the walking we were doing. Totally helped, plus they’re super relaxing! Sparkling mint sounds nice!

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    1. Yes those peeling masks are all meant to exfoliate your skin gently. They’re usually like a gel and when you rub the gel until they ball up which is supposed to loosen and take off dead skin. It’s kind of debatable if they really work…

      Foot masks are the best things EVER. What kind did you get? The ones that you keep on for an hour? Or more for a treatment. The ones you keep on for an hour will peel your feel like a snake molting… so amazing.


  9. Nice! I have stuck with Cosmetic Love, but I was just checking out Jolse’s offerings via, and remembered that I’d forgotten to look at this post.

    Cos Love always throws in a bunch of samples, too (though it’s often like, 10x Tonymoly Tomato stuff or Innisfree Green Tea Serum, which I see you got as well.

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    1. I learned of Cosmetic Love through you and I did look to see if they had what I wanted but Jolse won out with their selection. I still want to try Cosmetic Love one day though – they have good prices as well as decent selection.


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