Beauty Podcast: I Almost Peed My Pants!

We’re back with another chit chatty episode – just Cat and I pretending to be classy and failing miserably.  This week features some skincare talk and we share spooky stories, just in time for Halloween.
And I really did almost pee my pants in this episode – partly due to the scary stories Cat was telling! But it could have something to do with the taro bubble tea I consumed just prior to recording.  I have a small bladder, ok? 😛

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Some beauty posts associated with this podcast:
Evening Cleansing Routine
Shiseido Cotton and Possible Dupes?
Illamasqua Nail Varnish Megapost (with suggestive names like Taint and Load! 😮 )

Shu Uemura Holiday “Cosmic Bloom” 2016 Collection:

The line between “Want” and “Need” is getting blurred here! 😮

These are designed by Takashi Murakami, who should be familiar to everyone by now from his extensive collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

The skull lipbalm we mention is from Rebels Refinery, a Toronto brand that’s available at Beauty Underground from Hudson’s Bay:

I have it in the hot pink version – I mentioned it in my early quarterly favourites this year!

Vice lipstick displays:

From the Reddit post “The UD Vice Lipstick Display is Ugly at Best” (NSFW – read the comments, they’re hilarious)

I also found this online:



And, she’s been everywhere (I first heard about her through Ingrid!), here’s Kimberly Clark’s Anti-Haul on palettes:

Pssssst! Did you try tickling yourself?  And do you have any scary stories to share?! 😈

28 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast: I Almost Peed My Pants!

  1. “sadbilbo 2261 points 4 months ago
    Now I can finally match my lip color with my vagina
    permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply ” sorry could not sleep .
    THE COMMENTS ……………… laughed all night – maybe 4 hrs of sleep ……..
    calling you this weekend ……….. xxx

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  2. Another great podcast!

    LMAO the comments in the Vice lipstick reddit post…someone said it looked like chewed up gum, which was my first thought, too. Now I can’t unsee the vagina thing! Someone in the comments said “MLBB – my labia but better”. With some of the names of these lipsticks, I feel like the displays were intentional.

    OMG, your Halloween/appendix story! :O Holy crap, it’s so scary that it had ruptured inside for DAYS and you thought it was because of chocolate!

    Your ghost stories…NOPE. Just NOPE. Why is this suddenly happening in your home?! Oh god.

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    1. I’ll never read “MLBB” the same way again! 😆
      I do think UD intentionally made them like that – at least ambiguous. I mean, the hundreds and thousands of dollars they spent on designing and consulting on those displays, NO ONE said, “You know what they kind of look like…?”

      Re: appendix – yeah I still think back now and they said I could have died since the poison was in my system. I had to have an emergency surgery. Now I just associate Halloween with that, I guess! 😮

      Nothing weird has happened for the past week so I’m hoping things are back to normal now… I get freaked out by the TV (I refuse to look at a blank TV – thanks to The Ring) and also I won’t look too long into the mirror (our bathroom as a full wall that’s a mirror – ugh). Happy Halloween! 😛

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      1. Good point on it being intentional vs no one noticing what they resemble. I get that a lot of makeup companies go for the “shock value” these days, but vagina or no vagina, those displays are ugly.

        Yes, it’s a miracle that you survived your appendix rupturing, but thank God! Pretty nasty memory of a first Halloween, that’s for sure.

        Whew, fingers crossed things are back to normal. LMAO, so funny that you should mention being scared by The Ring, because I was originally going to include a comment about The Ring, but decided against it in fear it made me sound like a wuss. That movie is the last horror movie I’ve seen because it made me realize that I cannot do horror. Was scared of blank TVs and ringing phones for two months after watching it. Now that you mention mirrors, being terrified of Bloody Mary also took up a humongous part of my childhood, and I was often afraid to go into the washroom alone 😛 Happy Halloween indeed!


  3. I’ve seen that UD Vice display at Ulta and it is indeed fugly as hell. What kind of bad crack were they smiling at UD when they came up with that?!

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  4. Can I just say that I have never seen that Vice display……ever!!! I cannot deal with those stories!!! Totally with you and I will not sleep or go to the bathroom myself now!! Fuuuuuck that, if I got those pictures back or my toothpaste fell, you better believe its survival of the fittest. 😳

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The Vice displays are at Sephora and Ulta. They sure stand out! 😉
      Yeah, I am still not getting up in the middle of the night to pee, that’s for sure. I’ve stopped drinking water at night by 9pm so that I don’t have to LOL.


      1. I went to Sephora the day Vice lipsticks launched and that display was not there. In fact, there were so many shades that there wasn’t much of a display at all. It was standard with all the lipsticks lined up with a square painted swatch underneath. Maybe I beat the vagina display. Now I have to go back to see if it’s up. Lol. I totally agree on the bathroom, no liquids after 9. Lol

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