Project Pan Inspired Finale + GIVEAWAY

YEAH! I WON! Better luck next time, losers! ๐Ÿ˜›

(Thanks Grieta!!!)

TO Beauty 'n Beyond

Good morning my lovelies. I have been MIA due the motherhood and immune system failures. I will try to catch up, as I have so many posts I want to finish and share with you.

As you can tell by the title, Iโ€™m wrapping up my Project Pan Inspired. Before I do that, I want to say thanks to Stashy from Stash Matters and Jodi from A Brash Attitudeย for an unintentional inspiration. It was a fun project that I will probably repeat in the future, what a great way to use up the forgotten products in your stash. Let me tell you, that it was challenging at times.

During the PPI I was able to finish quite a bit of products, mostly skincare.ย That makes me happy, as now I can switch to the ones, I really love.

In this picture you can see the products, Iโ€™m still working onโ€ฆ

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