Kiko Makeup Review – Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette, Moon Dust Face Powder and Shade Fusion Trio Blush

And here we go – starting to chip away at some of the items languishing in my stash waiting to be reviewed!
I’ve had these items in my stash for nearly a year! 😳 I did take photos of them back in September so I did manage to wear them on the weekends while I was doing Project Pan.

Kiko is an Italian makeup brand that I first heard about from Pixiwoos (who else?) and I’d been wanting to get my paws on some items for ages. Luckily for me, I did a swap last year with the lovely Isabelle of Girl with Pink Cheeks and among the items she sent were these 3 Kiko pieces:
β€’ Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 Coral Burgundy
β€’ Moon Dust Face Powder in 02 Fairy Mauve
β€’ Shade Fusion Trio Blush in 05 Marsala

She pegged my makeup taste to a tee! πŸ˜€ Let’s have a look at each:

Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 Coral Burgundy (Β£13.90 / ~C$23.50)
This contains 4 x 0.7g for a total of 2.8g of product. Typically, baked powders are more airy and lighter weight compared to their non-baked counterparts.
This is a baked palette of 4 coordinating shimmery colours. Β The colours are pigmented, long lasting and blend beautifully on the skin.
I’m not normally a huge fan of baked eye shadows because I find their pigmentation usually lacking – but not these!
The 2 lighter colours are more shimmery whereas the darker 2 are more of a satin finish.
My favourite way to wear this is the darker burgundy shade in the outer third of the eye, the coral pink in the middle, the champagne in the inner corners, and the deepest shade along the lash line.
The compact looks so expensive – it reminds me of a Chanel eye shadow quad!

Moon Dust Face Powder in 02 Fairy Mauve (Β£6.90 / ~C$11.70)
Look at the pretty box!
I thought this were limited edition but it appears they’re part of the permanent line – thank goodness.
This is a gorgeous baked blush that rivals MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes (and at a fraction of the price).
It imparts a glow onto the skin that isn’t garish and is suitable for wearing during daytime. Although this shade is called Mauve, this applies quite warm-toned – I would call the shade a muted peachy bronze (I just noticed that it’s similar to the 2nd shade from the eye shadow palette – the blush is less pink and not as shimmery as the eye shadow though).
And the packaging on this one is really striking – the unusual heptagon pan shape along with the red bevelled case – I certainly won’t confuse this with any other blushes I own!

Shade Fusion Trio Blush in 05 Marsala (Β£10.90 / ~C$18.50)
After the shine and showiness of the other 2 baked items, this matte blush seems a little understated.
But I think this blush might be my favourite item of the 3.
It is so versatile – you can use a small brush (I like MAC 109 Small Contour Brush) to pick up just 1 of the shades. Or, you can swirl all 3 together for a combined colour. Or, if you’re game for a challenge, try using a flatter blush brush (like Anna Sui’s Cheek Brush) to sweep across all the colours without mixing them, and sweep onto the cheeks for a gradient blush (with the deepest shade acting as a contour and the lightest shade as a highlight). It actually works!
The powder is so silky soft, it blends into the skin for a natural flush. I found the wear time of this blush to be exceptional – more than 10 hours and still going strong.
I found it interesting that there is no consistency between the packaging of all 3 products – from matte black to splashy red to shiny chrome – I’m assuming they’re from different collections?

All of these products are made in Italy (but of course!) and perform as well as any high-end products. I cannot believe how affordable these are and I’m so happy that I received these in the swap – thank you Isabelle! (Kiko, I beg you, please please come to North America Canada!)

Have you tried any Kiko products? What are your favourites? Β I need to plan my next vacation based on where Kiko stores are located! πŸ˜‰

76 thoughts on “Kiko Makeup Review – Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette, Moon Dust Face Powder and Shade Fusion Trio Blush

  1. Kiko packaging is really inconsistent across the board – everything in the ‘core collection’ tends to be black, but sometimes the packaging is matte & sometimes it’s glossy. And then more recent collections have had that more chromey effect like that lipstick. Not a one style fits all products brand.
    I was just about to say I think the moon dust powder must have been LE as I’ve not seen it in any stores I’ve been in this year, and it’s normally when they let their hair down with coloured packaging – will have to keep an eye out for that it looks gorgeous.
    Big fan of the shades in that eyeshadow quad, I’m too not normally a fan of baked shadows but those look glorious!
    I’m pretty sure i saw that Kiko had some stores in the US as I’m sure I spotted one in the background of a vlog – they just need to make it up to Canada as well!

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    1. Oh really? Kiko is in the US? I’ll change my post then! πŸ˜› Maybe I should just plan my vacation to the US instead….
      I was really surprised how pigmented those baked shadows are – I had no high hopes for them. A couple of the shades are a tiny bit duochrome too.
      I think you’d love that Moon Dust powder! It makes me not want to bother with Hourglass blushes.

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      1. Venice doesn’t really do mainstream stores. Something to do with trying to maintain the atmosphere etc. There is Kiko now where I live too, so I can pretty much get my hands on it any time I like.


  2. These look fantastic! Oh that Shoppers would finally bring it over here!

    I also don’t usually like baked shadows for the same reason, but these are fab looking.

    Not sure I like the randomness of all the packaging, but I suppose some are bound to be good if they mix it up so much. Digging the red case here.

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    1. I’d be so happy if Shoppers brings Kiko or Catrice here!

      The eye shadow palette surprised me the most – I was expecting to have to dig into the pans or resort to using them wet.


  3. I have a Kiko lipstick & liner that a fellow blogger sent me. I like them both but the liner was a pain to sharpen. Not sue if was my pencil sharpener or what.

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  4. Oh my gosh, these products are stunningggg. I love the shade of that Fairy Mauve blush. And the colour payoff on everything is so excellent, especially considering the price point! So great that you were able to get your hands on Kiko products through a swap πŸ™‚

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    1. Whenever I wear that Fairy Mauve blush, I have people asking me what I have on my cheeks. They think it’s a highlighter on top of a blush – nope! Then they get mad at me when I tell them you can’t buy it here in Canada… πŸ˜›

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  5. The packaging on these is so beautiful! The products look lovely too. I love the colours! Hopefully Kiko stores/ stands will open in our countries soon. πŸ˜€

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      1. Ah, yes! We do have Catrice. I haven’t tried many of their products but I think they are brilliant for their price point from what I have tried. I love their Liquid Camouflage concealer. It’s brilliant!
        I also love their Blush Artist blush palettes.
        Personally, though, if I am looking for a blush at that price point I run for the Essence Silky Touch blushes. They are beautiful and last all day on me.


  6. You finally purchased KIKO products.. arent they amazing? I have a few in my cart right now and I’ve been wanting to get the Trio Blush (No.3) as well. They look gorgeous. I love their packaging too, super pretty and they are so affordable as well. I love how they always have an awesome deal especially on the shipping.. Free shipping on $15 purchase.. really cool!

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    1. I got these through a swap with a Belgium blogger. I wish we had access to them – I’d be buying up a storm! What products have you gotten from Kiko that you love? I need to start a shopping list!

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  7. Everything looks so beautiful! The baked blush in particular is so unique in it’s packaging. I went to a few Kiko stores in Italy and picked up a few items, but not nearly enough apparently! Their nail polishes are quite nice!

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  8. Oh I’m so happy to hear you like the products! Here in Italy Kiko is huge. I’ve used their products a lot since I started with makeup since they’re so economical…(not everything, but the basics). But now I can’t enter their stores anymore, I actually worked in one of their stores here in Florence and after that terrible experience I’ve some kind of antiKiko disease!! I can’t stand anything about them anymore because of that, but some of their products are completely good. So don’t get me wronf now πŸ˜‰

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    1. I’m so jealous of your easy access to Kiko! But sorry to hear about your terrible experience there. I haven’t been turned off any makeup brands due to poor experiences but I completely understand. I guess it’s good – now you can buy more makeup ELSEWHERE! πŸ˜›

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      1. haha.. I want to and go to their drugstores (Duane Reade) coz they have great stuff and want to go to Inglot again.. will then have to look for KIKO.. haha


  9. These products look absolutely gorgeous !! I need some in my life now. I heard about this brand from a beauty blogger I follow who is from the U.K. But never tried to find it. I hope they will ship to me !!! Thanks for the inspo

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