Stashy’s Giveaway Prize + First Impressions

Check out Chanelle’s first impressions on the items she won from my giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chanelle Hayley


Itโ€™s exactly two weeks since a very exciting parcel arrived all the way from Canada! I was selected as the lucky winner of Stash Mattersโ€™ giveaway back in January and I was over the moon when the goodies arrived! The shipping was pretty quick and didnโ€™t take long at all. Everything was packaged so well and it was lovely of Stashy to include a card (which nearly made me cry) and a few little extras. I wanted to do this post to thank Stashy and share my first impressions of the products as well. Iโ€™ve been doing my best to try out all of the products over the past two weeks but I havenโ€™t quite got to everything yet!

giveaway-cardThe card โ€“ how cute are the stickers?!




Like Stashy did in her giveaway post, I will break everything down into categories to make it easier.


1. Sukin Micellarโ€ฆ

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