Black Friday Fashion Hauling Fall / Winter 2017

The majority of this was purchased on Black Friday but I did buy a purse in early November. I’ve been wanting a larger purse for Fall but I have a very specific list of features that I want in a purse:

• Zipper closure
• No magnets at all
• Convertible / adjustable strap
• Flat, not rolled, strap
• Large enough to hold a notebook
• Leather (does not need to be black)
• Work appropriate

I had my work cut out for me! After consulting friends, visiting stores, and online research, I landed on a satchel style from Fossil, called Sydney Satchel:

I toyed with getting the red colour…

Fossil offer many different satchel styles (I debated between Rachel, Fiona, Kendall, Emma as well) but the Sydney Satchel checked all the boxes for me. And of course, wouldn’t you know it: this style was only available online (but on sale! And according to online sources, it’s discontinued) so I took a chance and ordered from the US site – this added to the cost with shipping and import duties, and I ended up paying C$215 in total.

My actual Sydney Satchel. ❤

After receiving the purse, the only feature I didn’t love was the adjustable strap – it’s notched / buckle rather than a sliding mechanism, which means 1) the notches never adjust short enough for me 2) I’m left with a long tail at the shortest setting. Plus, I wanted the sliding buckle so that I can make the strap shoulder length or crossbody – so the hunt was on for an “after market” replacement strap. Most of the straps I could find were either synthetic, very rustic handmade looking, or overpriced ($50+ for a strap, are you kidding me?) – I finally landed on one from this seller on eBay and it’s fantastic! I chose the 1″ width strap, here’s what it looks like compared to the original one:

Original Fossil strap on the left, the replacement on the right. In the photo of my actual purse above, the strap shown is the replacement one, with the length adjusted to shoulder length.

My budget for the purse was $500 so I was happy to come well below it! The rest of my haul are clothes…

Marks & Spencer

This also wasn’t bought on Black Friday but the items did arrive around that time.  I placed another order online with M&S but instead of just socks, this time I took the plunge into clothes. I was a bit apprehensive about the sizing but they turned out to fit perfectly! Turns out I’m a UK size 8. Here’s what I got:

• Cotton Rich No Peep Shirt in Pale Pink – $34

• Pure Cotton Slash Neck Half Sleeve T-Shirt in Dusty Blue – $15

• Cotton Rich Striped 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt in Navy – $34

This one fits loosely, I should have gone with UK size 6.

Now, the rest of these items were all procured on Black Friday – I wanted to buy more work clothes but instead I picked up a lot of weekend / casual items. 😳 In my defense, I’ve been hard-pressed to find clothes this season since all that’s available are 1) large bold floral prints 2) ruffles / fringe 3) mixture of the two. Also, do NOT get me started on cold shoulder / cut-out shoulder tops! o_O As you can see, I’m pretty minimal. I like solids or small prints, with clean simple lines.


• Ettiene Ankle Boots in Black – $225 $157.50
Ettiene Ankle Boots in Black
This style is also offered in Brown.

I had sworn off Geox for a few years after owning several pairs of shoes from the brand, that all seemed to fall apart rather quickly. The store was 30% off and these boots are exactly the style that I’ve been looking for – I hope they last more than one season.

Club Monaco

• Club Monaco Logo Throwback Sweatshirt in Red – $100
Club Monaco Throwback Logo Sweatshirt in Red
I had a nostalgic moment when I walked into Club Monaco’s flagship location and a selection of retro logo sweatshirts and t-shirts were available for purchase. The limited edition Throwback collection was launched back in July to celebrate Canada 150 – I had no idea.  Back in the day, a Club Monaco logo sweatshirt was pricey for that time, as I recall $50 – and now it’s double that – I guess inflation, right? 😉
Club Monaco Throwback Logo Sweatshirt in red
This red colour was offered with either a black or a white logo which I had to debate between – I ended up with the block logo since it can be “dressed up” as per the sales associate. Dressed up sweatshirt? 😆 I also opted for a larger size for a baggy look – I’m toying with the idea of cutting off the hem cuff so the hem will curl up. *gasp*

I couldn’t resist picking up a logo tee too. 😛 – $49
Club Monaco Throwback Logo Tee in grey
I like how subtle the print is: silver on grey.
Club Monaco Throwback Logo Tee in grey
I can’t do clothing photos justice so the rest of the item images are lifted off their sites.

• Renee Top in Dark Cherry and Black – $79.50 originally  $59 on sale + 25% off
Club Monaco Renee Top
I already own this top in a deep teal shade and love the material (a soft drapey rayon blend) so it was a no-brainer to grab more colours. They didn’t have any XS left in stock so I went with size S – it’s a looser styled top so it shouldn’t matter too much.

Joe Fresh

On the other end of the spectrum, the cheap and cheerful JF pieces are all about convenience (Club Monaco and Joe Fresh have something in common: founder of both brands is Joe Mimran – he sold CM to Polo Ralph Lauren Corp in 1999, and years later, he launched JF in 2006).  A plain cotton t-shirt may cost $50 at CM, it will cost $15 at JF, plus they always have sales.  I managed to snag these on Black Friday with additional 30% off:

• Long Sleeve Boyfriend Tee in Midnight Blue – $19 + 30% off

• Long Sleeve Wavy Tee in Burgundy – $20 originally  $10 on clearance + 30% off

I already own this in grey and cobalt – they’re great for wearing under blazers.

• Button Front Silk Blouse – $59 + 30% off

• Peplum Hem Blouse – $39 originally  $20 on clearance + 30% off

Still iffy about this top as it features ruffles, although they’re not as frilly looking as some. I think I got overly excited when I spotted it on the clearance rack by its lonesome and it was in size XS which hardly ever happens. I wonder if someone returned it?


I had no plans to shop at UNIQLO at all during Black Friday but I happened to pass by the store when the KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO collection launched.
KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO collection
It was an absolute madhouse with a huge crowd of people grabbing at sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring a somewhat evil looking Snoopy:
KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO collection
Plush toys were limited to 2 per size, and t-shirt and sweatshirts were limited to 5 each. I’ve since seen these items pop up on eBay for $$!

Now, I’m not normally one to jump into mobs but something came over me and I just HAD to have one of the sweatshirts. I managed to snag a very subtle design in XS size – initially I was told they were unisex sizing so I was concerned it’d be oversized.

• Women KAWS X Peanuts Long-Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt – $30
KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO collection
I wasn’t able to try it on until I got home and the fit turned out to be women’s cut as per the label (duh I did not read it) and I love the fit and the little details!
KAWS x Peanuts x UNIQLO collection
Probably my favourite clothing purchase of Black Friday, along with the Club Monaco Throwback sweatshirt – what is up with my obsession with sweatshirts lately? 😛

Have you bought any fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories) recently?

58 thoughts on “Black Friday Fashion Hauling Fall / Winter 2017

  1. That Snoopy hoodie is adorable! I love that it’s in a black colour because it can never go out of style and it’s not the obvious colourful cartoony merchandise. I am going to RAM the Uniqlo store once I’m in Hong Kong. I really love their quality.

    I used to wear quite a lot of print and colour, but I’m a lot more minimal and toned down these days! I still wear colour but in solids and it’s usually balanced (with a dark grey or black for example). I really like the shirt you bought from Joe Fresh – so versatile for dressing up or down! (Versatility wins for me these days…it must be an age thing LOL.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I remember going to a Uniqlo location in HK and stocking up, it was massive.
      I like to describe my style as “modular” type of dressing – I tend to stick to a certain colour palette so that everything can match with each other. When I throw in prints in the mix, it complicates things! I’m not one of those people who plan out what I am going to wear days in advance – normally I leave clothing decisions to the last 5 minutes before I have to rush out the door… 😳


  2. Cute tops! Love ’em all, especially the polka dot. I am sooooo in love with polka dots.

    The Fossil bag is fab! I saw them at Winners occasionally over the last couple years (not much in the style you got, though); sorry to hear they discontinued it. It’s such great value for money, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, btw, leather straps are pricy, for real… I did read something once from a leathermaker, who said that basically they’re a massive PITA to make properly. Like the strap pieces have to be cut a certain way across the grain for strength, and then there’s a lot of wastage as well. Generally they also stitch the pieces together diagonally so the strap is stronger (more stitching to connect pieces), and all that jazz. I guess it’s like belts, and other small leather goods—more complicated than you think, so they end up being oddly pricy considering their size.

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      1. I can totally appreciate the work it takes to make belts / straps. I suppose it’s akin to lingerie / swimwear or men’s ties – less material doesn’t mean it’s cheaper. But STILL. 😛 Thanks for the insight!


    2. Last week, no exaggeration, I wore polka dots 4 times: cardigan, printed top, tonal texture top, and polka dot printed pants… all on separate days though!

      I haven’t spotted Fossil bags at Winners lately. I would have snatched them up! I always remember you saying how good value they are for the quality of leather they use and I agree!


      1. You got a minute? 😉 I bought 2 pairs of sock boots (1 black, 1 white), a pair of red faux suede heeled boots, a pair of black pointed Chelsea boots and a pair of pony hair leopard print Chelsea boots. 😵😵😵


  3. Nice choice on the bag! I tend to be selective with the features I want in one, so unfortunately I don’t purchase them often. I do have a wallet from Fossil that I’ve had over 2 years and it still shows no signs of wear. I got a shirt and the crew neck sweatshirt from the Kaws x Peanuts collab. I prefer the other Snoopy plush from the last release (which I have). I’d never be able to find the black one if I misplaced it. 😝

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    1. I don’t buy purses or wallets often for the same reason – too choosy! Last time I bought a purse was probably 2 years ago. I had a Fossil wallet and another purse which are still in great condition – I like how they’re durable and good quality but not crazy expensive.
      I had no idea they had another Peanuts collab! I almost wanted a Snoopy plush since it was so soft but I didn’t like how evil he looked!

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  4. The satchel looks nice, glad you found one you like and even better it came under budget! I love the the dusty blue t-shirt and the black and white silk blouse 🙂 The Club Monaco jumper is a nice bright colour 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just love the satchel and I’m so happy to be within my budget! 😀
      People always say I look good in colour but I’m often in black or grey so this is my attempt to liven things up! 😛

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    1. The purse is versatile for sure! I like wearing it at shoulder length for work and on the weekends, I wear it cross body style.
      I haven’t worn any of the clothes that I bought yet – can’t wait. 🙂

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  5. I only bought gymwear on BF.

    Sportsdirect (our cheap sportswear store chain) offered a £10 voucher for every £50 spent. They do this for BF every year and I love it! I get to pick up a few bargains. And I can gift the voucher to someone else. That’s the next random co-worker’s birthday present sorted!

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  6. I absolutely LOVE that navy striped shirt from M&S! Actually, pretty much everything you bought is something I would wear, fantastic finds.

    I think the only piece of clothing I have bought recently is a “classic star-printed sweater” from Old Navy – it’s grey with silver stars, but they’re more subtle like the detail on your Club Monaco tee :] they had something like 40% off the entire store Black Friday weekend and I’m a huge sucker for sweaters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wore that top last Friday – it’s super comfy and the fabric is so high quality. Why can’t I get something like that here instead of having to ship from the UK!

      I haven’t shopped in Old Navy in ages. Every time I go, the store is turned upside down and I can’t find anything. They always have great deals though. Your sweater sounds super cute!

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  7. I know you already told me you were planning on buying that purse, but I really love it! It’s so versatile – perfect for both work and weekends. Ughhh, I have that problem with the long tail on a few of my cross-body purses…#shortgirlproblems even though you’re not even short. I’ve always focused on the look of the bag itself that I forget about the length of the straps, but I’ve been burned enough times to remember to look at that before buying (in stores)!

    Oooh, I LOVE the JF Wavy Tee and the peplum blouse! You got some awesome deals on clothing. I was all ready to shop for both work and casual clothes on Black Friday but wasn’t able to find anything I liked!

    Oh my gosh, how cute is that black Snoopy?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how versatile the Fossil Sydney satchel is! And it’s roomy too – I was able to fit a large bag of chips in there, no problem! 😆 Yes, strap length are a real problem! I was REALLY close to getting a Roots bag but when I tried them in the store, they were all too long and the straps weren’t removable.

      It’s been a frustrating time for me with clothing shopping – I’m ready to buy but there was nothing I liked. Even when I was in Alberta, I thought I would take advantage of the lower tax rate to do some clothing shopping but I didn’t like anything.

      That black Snoopy was SUPER soft. I was tempted to get one but the little one cost $30.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The most important thing about a handbag is whether or not you can fit a large bag of chips in it, am I right?! Hmm interesting, I never realized Roots bags had such long straps!

        Aww boo, it’s too bad you weren’t able to take advantage of the lower tax rate in Alberta. I totally get the frustration though – sometimes you’re just in the mood to shop till you drop but the selection is not interesting to you at all.


  8. Sweatshirts are THE BEST! I’m becoming a bit of a slob because they’re all I want to wear but I could care less cuz they’re just so darn comfy. I LOVE that Snoopy one – I so wish we had Uniqlo here. And that Club Monaco one has transported me straight back to Grade 7!

    Great haul!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was big into sweatshirts a while ago but then stopped for whatever reason. Now I’m wondering why I ever gave that lifestyle up! Sweatshirts and leggings FOREVER! 😛
      I remember way back when, people would COLLECT the different colours of the Club Monaco sweatshirts! So crazy to think that these are now Throwbacks…


  9. I’ve been debating with myseLf on shouLd-I-or-shouLd-I-not buy a FossiL satcheL for.. 3 years XD (and now, shouLd it be a satcheL (Fiona? Rachel??) or a crossbody (Fiona? Rachel??))

    I Love Love M&S cLothes! It’s crazy pricey here in Indonesia, but the best jeans and bLazers I own are from them, and I aLready have them for more than 5 years, so I’m not compLining ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Get a satchel! I checked out their crossbody bags too but I always found something wrong with them (contained magnets or had annoying closure).

      Good to know about M&S jeans and blazers! I was eyeing one of the blazers and wasn’t sure about it – I will have to get it! They’re such classic styles.


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