May 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy Accountability

After my previous month of hauling in my April Low-Buy, May was a month of resisting temptations! I did add a few items to my stash, namely, I went hairspray crazy:

I ran out of hairspray entirely and I always feel uneasy whenever I don’t even have a back-up in my stash! Here’s how the month went:


As mentioned, I felt compelled to buy 3 cans of hairspray in the month of May:
• Garnier Fructis Style Hold & Flex Ultimate Control Spray
• Garnier Full & Plush Big Volume Spray
• Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine Hair Spray
I bought the Garnier green one when it went on sale for $5 which was a good deal (they’re normally $9 here).  I had heard good things about this product from GymBagMakeup and Amy of TheMakeupCase. But then the very next week, the price dropped down further to $4 so I picked up the pink one to try too. I’ve been using the green one and it’s pretty good – it doesn’t leave a sticky residue or crunchiness on the hair. I found the Schwarzkopf one on clearance for $4 so I thought I’d give it a try too. Phew, now I am at a comfortable level of hairspray stash! 😉

• Butter London Nail Lacquer in Hush-Hush
Hand on my heart, I did NOT buy this for myself. My coworker picked it up for me one day, randomly. She told me she was at Marshalls and saw this and knew that I liked Butter London polishes and this looks like a “Stashy [but my real name] shade”. She knows me so well! ❤

• Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Serum Foundation Matte in Level 2
I also did not purchase this – it’s actually not a new item. My friend bought this and disliked it so much but didn’t want to throw it away after only a few uses so she asked if I was interested in trying it. She knows I’m always game. I tried it once so far and I can say that it’s a tricky foundation to work it – it’s quite liquidy and wants to settle into every pore and line. It does wear very well through the day though. I’ll have to experiment more – with different primers or mixing it with other foundations.

That’s it for beauty related items. I did haul a bit of clothing in May though, because the clothing store Express announced that they were closing all 17 locations in Canada. Yet another American brand who couldn’t make it work in Canada! I came to really like Express’ Columnist Ankle pants, of which I own about 8 pairs in various colours. So I added a couple more to my closet with these (they were buy one get one 50% off):

• Mid Rise Plaid Columnist Ankle Pant

• Mid Rise Tweed Columnist Ankle Pant

I also ended up buying a pair of their Extreme Stretch Skinny Pants, which are made of a nice thick material and had real pocket detailing (instead of those faux pockets that’s popular with jeggings – I find they look so cheap). Everything at Express is now 40-60% off but the store is quite picked over. I’m glad I grabbed these before they sold out of my size!

I haven’t shopped much at Uniqlo yet since its opening and one night my SO and I were killing time and decided to browse around. I ended with the 2 items:

• Pleated Jersey Sleeveless Dress in Navy
This comes with a coordinating slip skirt since the fabric is quite sheer. This was only $40 and really good quality for the price! I wore this to a dinner banquet with a cardigan and it looked way more expensive than it is (no, I did not rock sneakers like the model did!)

• AIRism tank top in Beige
I wear a camisole underneath almost everything and I decided to give this a try. I love it! It keeps me cool and feels like I’m wearing nothing. I highly recommend this and I’m getting a bunch more in other colours!

Marks & Spencer
And lastly, perhaps the most boring item… SOCKS. I got it in my head that I need all new black socks for work (the elastic on the cuffs of mine were all getting loose, I hate that!) And I decided that Marks & Spencers must make the best socks so I took a chance and placed an order online (M&S used to have stores in Canada but they exited the market in 1999, sadly). I wanted to try a variety of qualities of socks so I ordered 4 types:

This is what $50 worth of black socks looks like! 😛 I got 18 pairs of black socks. My experience shopping on the M&S site was excellent – they ship through DHL and I received my parcel within TWO DAYS of ordering! Shipping is free with $50 minimum purchase and there were no duties. The M&S site displayed everything in Canadian dollars which made it easy to shop. I’ll likely order more from M&S in the future!

There were so many compelling offers in May that I had to bury my head in the sand a little so I wouldn’t succumb to them. I actually limited my consumption of blogs / social media so I wouldn’t be inundated!

Tarte 7-Piece Custom Beauty Kit

May started off with one of the most tempting deals! On May 4th, for one day only, Tarte was promoting this 7-pc custom set for only C$84! Depending what you chose, the value was nearly 3x the price. I was soooo tempted, I tell you! I only learned about this deal from Fivezero – she also discovered there was an additional $10 off code that worked on this offer. I even created my own custom kit on the Tarte site and added everything in the cart and then closed the tab. 😦 Check out this hilarious exchange between fivezero and I in her post. 😆
Why I don’t need this right now: I wasn’t even in the market for any makeup from Tarte, never mind a unicorn cosmetic case! I was simply tempted by a great deal. I can live vicariously through Fivezero – check out her haulage here.

ColourPop free international shipping and 3 for $10 offer

Yet another deal that I was alerted to by Fivezero! Being in Canada, I’m always on the lookout for free international shipping offers and ColourPop not only had that but also 3 eye shadows for $10 (regularly they’re $5 each, so it’s like buy 2 get 1 free).

The offer applied to both the Super Shock and the Pressed Powder Shadows. Ugh, eye shadows are my vice!
Why I don’t need this right now: I did recently win some of ColourPop’s press eye shadows, plus, I do own a few Super Shock eye shadows (that HippyLip sent to me!) I think if I didn’t have any of ColourPop’s eye shadows, I may have succumbed to this offer! But I was able to overcome both of these temptations, but no thanks to Fivezero… 😛

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glow Instant Look In A Palette

Of course this was from Cat’s post on this gorgeous palette! I’ve been wanting an all-in-one type palette for travelling. The closest one that I own is the BareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe Palette. I really like the eye shadows in the BM palette but don’t love the face powders. From what I hear, the Charlotte Tilbury palette is amazing quality all around!
Why I don’t need this right now: I guess I can make do with the BareMinerals palette for now! 😆 I’m not planning any major trips anytime soon so this isn’t an urgent “need”. 😛

So I stayed within the confines of my No-Buy rules for May. I’m on another month of no makeup / skincare shopping again for June! How was your spending last month? 🙂

64 thoughts on “May 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy Accountability

      1. I wear it everyday xo it’s so damn easy u know xxxx i think it should be and she has some amazing new products i saw FOR FALL when i was last at the fshoppe – TOP SECRET lol

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  1. I had my huge US splurge in May, but pretty much tempered my shopping since then. Only bought a Zoeva palette, a pair of shoes and whatever I bought when I went shopping with my mom. And I couldn’t resist the Colourpop deal.

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    1. Which Zoeva palette did you get? Zoeva is a brand that I’ve been itching to try! They’re quite expensive to order online though – I hope one day they will have better distribution to Canada.


  2. So I see why you suggest the CT palette now, haha. Good job resisting! I think it looks like you had a great month filled with new clothing staples and an awesome co-worker that really did a great job of picking out a “you” shade! Sorry for your store loss though 😦 At least you know you like the fit so you can shop online for pants in the future!

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    1. Yeah see, I secretly want you to get that Charlotte Tilbury palette so I can borrow it! 😛 That reminds me when I was young, I bought my mom a hair crimper for her birthday. But mainly because I wanted it for myself. 😆
      That’s true, I can always shop online from Express – I hope they will offer free shipping!

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  3. They closed a few Express locations near where I live. I love that store! =\ I’ve been curious about that Airism line from Uniqlo (I’m a cami-holic myself. If I could own one in every color of the rainbow, I probably would.). Will have to try it.

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    1. Definitely give the Airism line a try – they offer a lot of different cuts / styles too! I was so impressed. I saw that UNIQLO also sells bras, I might try one out (but they’re weird, only comes in S-M-L type sizing not band and cup size).

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  4. I knew you’d like that Garnier hairspray! I’ve lost count of how many cans I’ve gone through. I switch it up on the different formulas. I think I like the volume and sleek & shine ones the best.

    And I’ve actually behaved the last couple months. Only makeup I bought were repurchases of my Wet N Wild & Revlon Colorstay foundations, repurchase my Coty Airspun powder and my little CCO haul.

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    1. I’ll have to check out the other formulas in the future. I’ve been using Tresemme for so long, now I think that the Garnier ones might be better because they aren’t as sticky. It almost feels like I don’t have anything in my hair – but also not frizz either!

      Good for you on keeping your spending in check! I was so jealous of your CCO visit.

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  5. Woooow. You showed impeccable restraint not giving in on those great makeup deals! 🙂 Those clothing items are so classy. And theeeen, this entire post reminded me that I have to shop for new months and get myself a hairspray backup. -.- PS. You have such generous friends. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friends and I get things for each other back and forth all the time. Sometimes I pick up things randomly for them and they reciprocate, it’s fun! Why wait for birthdays and holidays to give things? 🙂


  6. It’s soooo tough to resist such good deals! Sometimes I have an urge to unsubscribe to some brands only because their stuff is so tempting, but I just never have the heart to do it.

    You did good on the Garnier products! $5 and $4 for the hairsprays is not bad at all!

    I heard about Express closing, I wasn’t the biggest fan (not when I lived in the States or when it came to Canada), I did always think it was a solid store for work wear so I will be sad to see it go for that reason. They also had the cutest dresses!

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    1. All my promotional emails go to a different account so typically I just do a “delete all” instead of reading those emails! Those marketing people are too effective in their jobs! 😆

      Yes, I didn’t care for most of Express’ clothes but their work stuff was surprisingly good! I have a suit that every time I wear it, people ask me where I got it. Now once again, there’s a void of clothing stores for me… 😦 Where do you shop for clothes, typically?

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      1. I need a separate email! I actually never thought of that! LOL

        I have such a hard time finding stores but when I find a good one I tend to shop there exclusively. Right now it’s Aritzia, mostly the Wilfred stuff. I LOVE their clothing. I also find stuff at Nordstrom’s BP section too.


  7. Oooh, the Butter London shade is so pretty. Definitely a Stashy shade!

    So weird that so many American retailers can’t survive in Canada – I really wonder why. Express clothing is too big for me but my fiance really benefited from the closing out sales – he picked up a bunch of dress shirts for work and for weddings we’re attending this summer 😛

    Love that Uniqlo dress! It’s so easy to dress up or down.

    Gah, that Colourpop deal is so good! So perfect for those of us who hate paying for shipping, LOL!

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    1. I do wonder what it is about Canada that makes it impossible to survive. OR, maybe their expectations are just too high when they come here. They think they’re make big bucks like in the US. Glad your finace was able to grab some deals! I *almost* bought a store fixture! They were selling those velvet bust things to hang necklaces for $15… but then I realize I have nowhere to put that thing! 😛

      Have you been on a makeup no buy for May too?


  8. Sounds like you were a very restrained Stashy – well done! Socks are always an essenital, right? Sometimes you need different styles for different purposes!
    I love the look of the pairs of pants you got!
    That Charlottle Tilbury sure is pretty!

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  9. LOL you did awesome resisting the sales! I was naughty.

    And OMG I thought, “Wait, Marks & Spencer is back in Canada?!” I think I moved here just as they were starting to move out, or something. I do love their sammiches in the UK, though. Can we get those delivered?

    That’s a lot of hairspray. 😯

    Love your clothes hauling! The Uniqlo dress is super pretty and so versatile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, your hauling last month was so satisfying for me. 😀

      I wished M&S shipped food here – I used to love their biscuits! I also noticed that they don’t ship their beauty items to Canada. 😦


  10. These deals are evil. They make us spend on something we don’t need, and I am tempted XD
    I have some Colourpop eyeshadow too. They surely can last me few years. I just know Express gonna move out from Canada. Maybe they take over by other brand? These pants look good, can wear on weekend and workday too.

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    1. The deals ARE really tempting! I know we all have enough makeup to last a lifetime, we honestly don’t need anymore!
      Nah, Express just lost too much money in the Canadian market. They’ll concentrate on the US market where they’re doing well. Canada is not an easy market since we have such a small population but spread out over a large land mass. Plus, we have higher labour and taxes etc – it’s not as profitable for businesses but it’s a great place to live! 🙂

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    1. I have too many eye shadows and blushes… I am actively selecting items to purge! 😛
      Well just because you reacted to the Magic Cream, it doesn’t mean that the other products won’t work on you! That’s quitter talk! 😆


  11. and this looks like a “Stashy [but my real name] shade”. –> hahaha! Laughed at this part…girl if you ever create your own nail polish, please name it Stashy! 😉

    I love Uniqlo but sadly, don’t have a store in my city (seriously, I don’t know why either..makes me sad). However, last time I traveled to Hong Kong, me and my family went crazy for Uniqlo. Got a lot of t-shirts, socks, all the basics. My brother loves their t-shirts which are of that breathable type of fabric, doesn’t stick to the skin even if humid. I’ll be going to HK next year so can’t wait to go Uniqlo crazy again.

    I don’t know M+S for their socks but I go there for most of my lingerie and they fit me so, so well. Very comfortable. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Stashy line of nail polishes would be awesome! 😛

      That’s too bad you don’t have Uniqlo where you are. Up until last year, we didn’t either. I was so excited when they announced their arrival – I have only had exposure to the brand in Hong Kong and Japan before that! Ooh how exciting you’re going to Hong Kong – I haven’t been in about 7 years now.

      I think M&S’s reputation is they make great quality underwear and basics so I thought socks would be part of that category. I’ve worn a couple of the styles that I got and so far so good! 🙂

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  12. Good job on sticking with your No/Low Buy! I think I mentioned on your IG that I’d been eyeing that Butter nail polish – it looks so pretty! So nice of your friend to pick that up for you.

    I’m literally still crying that Express is closing their stores here – my list of stores that I actually buy clothes from is dwindling quickly. I stocked up on their leggings before they closed.

    Love the Uniqlo dress – so pretty and feminine! Good God who does their styling though – chunky running shoes with a dress like that?!?!

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    1. I own probably around 20 bottles of Butter London polishes now and their formulas are consistently good. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up one if you see if next time at Marshalls / Winners! 🙂

      I know, I’m in the same boat as you! Where are going to shop?!!

      Haha I know, those sneakers are so out of left field. I wore heels with mine!


  13. Oh I love that dress: Pleated Jersey Sleeveless Dress in Navy! I got myself a black on kind of similar at H&M last week and been using it like crazy! Here in Italy it’s 38 degrees and dresses are everything you can use in this moment!!

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  14. I know this is an old post, but I was reading Allure a long time ago and they talked about that if water was in hairspray, especially as a top ingredient, it can be sticky (cheap filler). So, I usually glance at the ingredients and it hasn’t led me astray so far!

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