Optimum Points Redemption Haul Again

It’s been a while since I last redeemed my Optimum Points. It’s funny to think that only a couple of years ago, I got super excited because I’d finally hit the top tier for the first time ever.  Since then, I’ve hit that level several more times.  It’s that Optimum app, I tell you!  😀  This points redemption event is a bit bittersweet because the Optimum Points program as it exists now will be gone by next February (read more about it over at fivezero’s blog).  I wonder if there will be another redemption event before then. I wasn’t going to take a chance though, so I depleted most of my points at this event. I got:

I should mention that I went to Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) after I’d had a couple glasses of wine so some of my choices weren’t the most sound. o_O

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Black Friday Haul 2017

I succumbed to beauty deals on Black Friday, after all. I didn’t go into Black Friday with any plans (I had taken the day off work) and wasn’t particularly keen on any of the previewed deals shown online. I woke up super early and arrived at the mall even before 7am – I was surprised that there were quite a few shoppers at the mall this year compared to last year. I keep hearing about the death of bricks and mortar stores, in addition to the decline in the enthusiasm for Black Friday sales. But based on my non-scientific observations, it was busier, especially so early in the morning.  Here’s what I hauled:

I’m pleased to say that the majority of the items are for replenishment purposes. Of course, some were absolute impulse buys. 😉

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Lip Product Purge of 2016

For someone who’s a self-professed NON-lipstick junkie… I seem to own a lot of lip products.  And we all know that lipsticks don’t have a long lifespan – really, one should be tossing lip products about 18 months after opening.  I’m guilty of keeping mine for MUCH longer than 18 months! (but let’s be reasonable here, common sense should prevail – if the lip product doesn’t have a funky smell or a weird texture, it’s probably ok).  All that said, I need to get rid of a whack of stuff that I hardly ever reach for – some have gone bad, and others are just taking up precious space:

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Blogmas Day 4: Snow Themed Makeup

Today is another coordinated Blogmas post where we’re pulling items from our makeup collections to create a snowy makeup look.
To me, a snow themed makeup means 2 things: white and sparkly!

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Optimum Points Redemption Extravaganza!

Since everyone is posting their Black Friday loot, I thought I’d post my Optimum Points Spend Your Points loot!  I did go into Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) armed with a shopping list, let’s see how well I did sticking to the plan:
Firstly, I ended up redeeming for $300 worth of products instead of $200. I had accumulated more points since hitting the top tier a little while back. And since I’ve been positively deprived of new beauty products all year long (too dramatic?) that I went all out and depleted my Optimum Points balance. It was worth it! 😀

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Sephora VIB sale for friends

I guess I’m that friend with benefits. 😉  This is the 2nd time I’ve offered up my Sephora VIB 20% off discount for my non-VIB friends!  The last time was back in April, and I was able to re-qualify for VIB status solely on my friends’ purchases. 😛

This time surprisingly, the list was not as long!  Here’s what I bought on behalf of my friends:

Friend #1: Maison Martin Margiela “Replica” Jazz Club perfume $120
I’ve tried this perfume on before and it is a unique smoky fragrance with tobacco, leather and rum and notes.

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