NEW Tag: The No Buy / Lo Buy Tag!

The idea to create this Tag came out of a discussion with StyledWithJoy in the comments section of one of my posts a couple of weeks ago.  We’re both on a No Buy for 2015, and we decided we needed a place to commiserate.  If you’re on a No Buy or a Lo Buy, please join us in answering these co-authored tag questions – it’s cathartic!

1. When did you start your No Buy / Lo Buy? How long is your No Buy / Lo Buy going to last?
2. Why did you decide to go on a No Buy / Lo Buy?
3. Have you ever attempted a No Buy / Lo Buy before? If so, how did it go?
4. What do you hope to achieve with your No Buy / Lo Buy?
5. What product(s) have you hit pan on since starting the Makeup No Buy?
6. Do you have more empties because of it? What product do you miss the most?
7. Do you think you can survive the ban from makeup?
8. What is the one product you envy right now but can’t get? For eyes? For lips? And for face?
9. Have you cheated and bought something already?
10. After your No Buy / Lo Buy, are you planning a big haul? What are you going to buy?

Keep reading for my anaswers