Consonant Skincare Annual Skin Care Swap

Starting today, Consonant Skincare will be offering their annual Skin Care Swap.  This is a phenomenal offer: bring in a full size face wash, face cream, eye cream, face mask, sunscreen (used or unused) to trade in for 50% off the equivalent in Consonant Skincare product.  They will even honour the discount via social media requests if shoppers can’t make it to the stores. Find out more details by clicking on the image below.
Consonant Skincare is a Canadian line that I’ve heard about here and there but have not had a chance to try their products, until they recently opened a store downtown.  I purchased their sunscreen and body scrub and I’m beyond happy with them.  All of their formulations are natural and without added fragrance – you can read more about the brand’s philosophy in this article with the founder (I’ve met him at the store opening and he’s very personable and helpful!)
The Skin Care Swap comes at the perfect time because I’m in need of a day time moisturizer, and I had received a sample of the Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream ($54 for 50ml), which works fantastically with their sunscreen.

For the swap, I’ll be bringing in the Lise Watier HydraSmart 3D Hydration Gel-Creme, which, while hydrating, doesn’t play nicely under sunscreen / foundation – it balls up / pills.  It’s also quite fragranced.

I’m not affiliated with Consonant Skincare – I’m just a supporter of a good honest company. 🙂  I hope fellow Canadians can take advantage of this promotion!  I’ll do a more in-depth review of the products and brand overview soon.

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