Guess: what am I?

I posted this on my Instagram but I have no guesses, so let’s see what you guys think.  I posted this:

What am I?

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Spoiler alert:













We have a winner!  fivezero has guessed it correctly!

It’s the cap from the CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara!  I just opened a new tube. 🙂
I feel like CG pioneered this method of displaying the mascara wand separately from the tube to showcase the novelty of the bristles.  I feel like it’s kind of wasteful but I do recycle it.

(I should also credit StyledWithJoy having guessed it on Twitter, although she called it Maybelline LashBlast!)

This was fun! I should do more of these! 😛

30 thoughts on “Guess: what am I?

  1. It looks like a lid off of something…with the inner threading. Maybe the inside of a nail polish cap that holds the brush? I can’t recall ever seeing a red one before, though. Fun, LOL!


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