TBT: OPI The World Is Not Enough

I decided to feature this OPI polish from the 2012 Skyfall collection since the newest Jame Bond film, Spectre, is due to open in North America tomorrow.  Even though this polish is from the Skyfall collection, the name is actually from the 1999 film which featured Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards:

Ugh, give me Daniel Craig any day!

OPI The World Is Not Enough is a gorgeous taupey pewter shimmery polish:
I picked it up from a dusty salon supply store that was shutting down last year, so I got it for only $5!

This polish applies quite sheer on the first coat which caused me some concern:
But I was able to achieve nearly opaque coverage after another coat:
How can I accurately describe this incredible shade? It’s a pewter base that has a taupe tinge, with micro-shimmers in pink, silver and blue. I tried to capture the shimmers in a macro shot of my thumb:
It’s so mesmerizing!
The polish features the OPI ProWide brush:
(I’m quite pleased that I captured the polish in mid drip!)

The formula wore quite well for the week that I had it on – no chips, just some tip wear. Removal requires a little more rubbing, due to the shimmer (more than, say, a cream polish, but less than a glitter).  I don’t own a lot of OPI polishes but ones I do have all seem to be shimmery shades like this.  If you come across this polish, I highly recommend you pick it up.

Do you own OPI The World Is Not Enough?  Do you remember that movie?  Are you going to see the new Spectre movie?

35 thoughts on “TBT: OPI The World Is Not Enough

  1. Wow, what a crazy difference between coat one and two! I didn’t realize that movie was coming out tomorrow… shows how much TV I watch. And that might even be something I can get my hubby to watch too!

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  2. Man, that’s so pretty. The polishes in the Skyfall collection were all beautiful.

    I actually prefer the other actors who played Bond prior to Daniel Craig…they were more of what I pictured James Bond as, a suave gentleman spy. Not that I don’t like Daniel Craig as Bond, but he’s more of an action hero type than I picture Bond to be.

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  3. This is so pretty, I love the colours of the micro-shimmers! And this one suits you so well! I never cared much for this collection when it came out, but this one is nice. I have a love hate relationship with micro-shimmers, sometimes I can’t stand it, other times I lust after it haha

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    1. What is it about micro-shimmers that you don’t like? Too subtle? I know some people get annoyed with the hidden shimmers… I kind of dig them, it’s like a secret between me and my nail polish lol.


      1. I think it’s more so just the way micro-shimmers look, I prefer shiny creme finishes in general; so when I get a micro-shimmer that makes the whole nail look ‘busy’, it’s just a very different look, and I need to be in the mood to appreciate it 😛

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  4. Very pretty! I don’t think I have any from the Bond collections – but this is on my WL now!

    The movie was so crap, though. LOL!

    I am really looking forward to Spectre. Looks awesome. And Christoph Waltz as the villain? Oh yes.

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      1. I actually have not seen Inglorious Basterds, but he’s popped up in a few other movies I’ve seen (e.g. he totally stole the show in Green Hornet, which, btw, is a terrible, terrible movie). I need more! 😀

        And oh how I despise Brosnan as Bond. I don’t mind him, generally, but Bond he is not, to me. But I’m a Craig and Dalton fangirl, so what do I know?!

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  5. I took a look at this post yesterday and meant to comment but WOW! look at the difference with two coats! You’re pics are stunning btw! I’m going to get this polish, it’s definitely what a Bond girl would wear. 🙂

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