What I’m Bringing to Japan (Travel Makeup)

I’m a very light packer when it comes to makeup during vacation. I’ve learned over the years that I end up not using at least half of what I pack when I give myself too many options. While on holidays, I essentially stick to one makeup look.  Here’s my makeup menu for the next 2 weeks:


Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow primer

Shiseido Sheer & Perfect Foundation in O20 – I debated about which foundation to bring (the Vincent Long Water Canvas was a contender) and this one ultimately won out because it contains SPF, wears well, and can be applied with fingers.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector – the glass pot is too cumbersome to pack with me so I’ve scooped out a little bit into this tiny sample container (review here)

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer in #2 Light Medium – I also debated about which concealer(s) to bring. At first I was going to bring a separate one for under eye and another for general face concealing. This one is a good all-around concealer – I don’t love it for under eyes but it’s workable. Unfortunately, I think this concealer is discontinued.

MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20 – I compromised by bringing a concealing pencil – I like this concealer pencil for pinpoint concealing and it’s handy for highlighting the brow area or inner eye.

Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF 36 – I’m militant when it come to sunscreen while travelling. We’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors than we normally do so I’m making sure to pile on the SPF whenever possible. And yup, that’s a sliver of pan showing!

Vincent Longo Velour Pressed Powder in Beige #3 – this was a free gwp and it’s a small 3g size which is perfect for carrying in my purse while I’m travelling. It even has a mirror.

Colour makeup:

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette – I went back and forth whether I’d take this or the Smashbox trio I picked up during Boxing week clearance, but in the end this won out simply because of the amount of colour combinations I can get out of this. If I was only going for one week, I would have gone with the Smashbox.

Sana Super Quick Matte Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown – I bought this off eBay and it’s been a staple in my makeup routine. It creates a super fine line on the upper lash line, and the brown colour is very natural looking

MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner pencil in 24L Taupe – my go to lower lash line pencil, it provides just a hint of colour. I keep a sharpener (the pink thing) on the end so I’m never without a sharpener.

Shu Uemura brow:sword in Acorn – the Swiss Army knife of brow products! This houses not only the pencil but also the spoolie and sharpener (review here)
Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer (review here) – I can’t live without my mascara primer!

CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara – I love this mascara especially for travelling – it provides good definition but best of all, I don’t need a lash comb with this. Truth in advertising: absolutely no clumps with this mascara.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 48 Cendre de Rose Brun – these blushes are perfect for travel – they’re tiny and even include a mirror (they do come with a brush but it’s useless)

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD351 Dreamscape – a warm rosy shade that’s easy to wear (review  & swatches here). Yup, I’m bringing just one lipstick. 😛

Tools / Misc:

MAC 237SH Eye Shader Brush and 217SH Blending Brush – these brush shapes are my most reached for on a daily basis.

• Concealer brush – random brand

Anna Sui Retractable Face Brush – I carry this around all the time in my makeup bag. It’s perfect for dusting powder or for applying blush.

Muji Portable lash curler – I bought both the full size and this travel version from Muji and I really like this one. It works well and it’s super compact.

Mary Kay Beauty Blotters

Listing everything out it seems like a lot, but it’s not! They all fit into this compact Smashbox roll-up case:
And, I rationalize that if I find myself missing anything, I can always go shopping for makeup! 😉 What kind of a packer are you – do you bring 3 palettes and 10 lipsticks for a one week vacation? 😛

50 thoughts on “What I’m Bringing to Japan (Travel Makeup)

  1. I’m jealous of your ability to pack light! I packed lighter than usual this trip and still brought more makeup than you… for a one week trip, I usually bring two palettes 😝 the Tarte palette seems like it would be a great one to take to travel!
    the roll up case and the retractable face brush look awesome for travelling! Brushes are such a pain to pack because they take up so much room, especially face brushes.

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    1. I did a “trial run” with these makeup items and I’m happy with the look so I’m keeping it minimal and easy! I don’t want to fuss too much with makeup when I’m getting ready in the mornings.
      Yeah good travel brushes are hard to come by! That’s why I was excited that MAC released some, and they’re made in Japan!


      1. True. It’s better to pack light for flights with all the weight restrictions. That’s why I take one small palette maximum. Hope you have a lovely time in Japan x


  2. The Covergirl Clump crusher mascara used to be my go-to mascara for a long time. Love it a lot! Now, I’ve always wanted to try bourjois products since forever but we don’t have them here. I didn’t even want to order online coz I want to see them up close. They seemed pretty good!

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    1. I had not used the CG Clump Crusher in a while and recently opened one and WOW, I forgot how much I love it! It’s just perfect for travel.
      Aw it’s too bad that you don’t have Bourjois. They used to carry that brand at Sephora! I really like the brand – good blushes, foundations and lipsticks!

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    1. Haha YES I’m sure! And this is more than what I packed when I went to Iceland / Denmark a couple of years ago. I literally brought ONE single shadow and NO lipstick that time! I think it boils down to the nature of the trip. Well be sightseeing and more casual. Your hen party is all about getting dressed up and partying (although I’m not sure if I’d pack THREE makeup bags lol!)

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  3. Love that Smashbox bag! Perfect for travelling! I wouldn’t say I over pack for travelling but it takes me forever to narrow down what I want to bring with me. Have an amazing time in Japan!

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    1. Yes I debated a bit about which eye shadow and blush to bring. I like everything to be compact and essential. I mean, I’d love to have a variety of looks but my SO can’t even tell the difference if I wear a peach vs a pink blush so what’s the point? 😛


  4. I like to pack light, as well, especially if I’m going somewhere I can just buy something if I need it. But only ONE LIPSTICK?! *dies* I guess I don’t bring primers, so I can use the extra space for a couple more lipsticks (or a lipstick palette) plus a nail polish & remover pads. Hehehe.

    The Tarte e/s palette looks perfect for travel.

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    1. Eh, lipsticks are so low on my priorities when it comes to makeup! I wasn’t even thinking of bringing one… and I got a gel manicure last night so I don’t have to worry at ALL about my nails for the next 2 week!


  5. Wooo! Packing make-up is nearly harder than packing clothes!
    I love the Bourjoi bushes..I used to have one yonks ago and I loved the girly/powdery scent.
    I pack one of everything except lipstick. I always pack 2 or 3 of them and then just end up wearing a clear lip gloss the whole time anyway :p

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    1. I love the scent of the Bourjois blushes too! I have 4 of them and I want more! 😊
      Yup, I still haven’t worn the one lipstick I’ve packed, just my lipbalm! 😋

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  6. I love travel sized products even when not travelling, I just know I can justify owning more products when it’s travel sized! Is that bad? Any excuse is a good one I think, when it comes to beauty products! Hehe 🙂 x

    – Caryl

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  7. Totally agree about the CoverGirl mascara!! No clumps no matter how many layers I add! But the one gripe I have is that it flakes onto my upper cheeks and under eyes throughout the day. Does the mascara primer fix that issue for you? Or do you not have that issue with it?
    I’ve never used a mascara primer 😛

    I don’t know if I could ever take just one lippie – I even like to switch my lippies up within one day haha. I’d have to take at least two glosses and two lippies I suppose!

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    1. I didn’t notice any flaking with it. So it’s possible that the primer is helping in that regard! I’ve been wearing a lash primer ever since I found the Shiseido one. The Etude House Dr. Mascara one is fantastic and a fraction of the price of Shiseido’s.
      I only ended up wearing that lipstick ONCE, and I think mainly because I felt guilty that I’d brought it and hadn’t worn it yet!

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  8. I think what makeup you pack for a trip is interesting because it really tells you what your true favs/most reliable products are. I like to pack essentials. I also carry-on my makeup because I’m afraid it will get destroyed in my checked luggage. Have an amazing trip!!!

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    1. I didn’t carry on my makeup but that’s a good idea. I do pack powder and lip balm in my carry on. I always figured if my luggage got lost, I would just buy new makeup! 😉


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