LOFT Clothing Haul Spring 2016

Taking a pause from a Japan post today. 😛 I haven’t shopped at LOFT in ages. After the closure of my previous wardrobe staple store, JACOB, I turned to LOFT for my a lot of my clothes.  Last week, while killing time at the mall waiting for a friend, I decided to stop into LOFT and I walked out with 4 pieces. 🙂

Berry Shirred Utility Blouse – $69.50
People always comment that I don’t wear enough colour so how about this vermilion shade? 😛

Polka Dot Cropped Cardigan – $59.50 (plus 50% off = $29.75)
All regular priced tops were buy one get one 50% so I took advantage of the deal with these 2 items.

Linen Cotton Sweater in Beachside Khaki – $49.99 (plus 40% off = $29.99)
I love the hi-lo hem of this! And I can dress this up or down depending on what I pair it with. Found this on the clearance rack so it was an additional 40% off.

Slit Pencil Skirt in Black – $39.99 (plus 40% off = $23.99)
Found this by its lonesome on the clearance rack, and in my size! Total score with additional 40% off.

I love that LOFT carries a great selection of Petites – the cuts fit me much nicer. Are you a fan of LOFT? Have you done any clothing shopping lately?

27 thoughts on “LOFT Clothing Haul Spring 2016

    1. Yes, I’m pretty basic in my wardrobe. I like solid colours, mostly black and grey! 😛 I used to shop at thrift stores a lot but now everyone shops there and it’s harder to find good quality items.

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        1. Joe Fresh is one of my favourites too – so sad they closed the one where you are. Do they sell them inside Super Stores too? I like RW & Co. too but I haven’t bought anything in ages. I should go look. Express is really hit & miss – I like their pants but I find the style of their tops to vary wildly.

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          1. They do sell them in Superstore but I much preferred the stand-alone store – they had way more stock. But I guess I have no choice now – I’ll have to sneak some clothes into my grocery order! 😉


  1. I’m normally too cheap for the loft but………….. I’m not seeing how wrong I am! It sounds like you can get some pretty good deals, and how lucky were you with that skirt!? P.S. you don’t have to wear color if you don’t want to. People can suck it.

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    1. Ahahaha! Yes, I mostly stick to my monotone wardrobe but sometimes I’ll switch it up. I wore that orange top on Friday and I got so many comments, you would have thought I grew a horn on my forehead lol!
      LOFT has great deals, just be sure to check their sale racks and wait for the additional 40% off the sale prices!

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    1. Thanks! I wore that blouse last Friday and you would have thought I wore a ball gown to work – everyone was shocked that I finally wore COLOUR! 😮 Do you have LOFT in Quebec?


  2. That cardigan is really cute! I’ve never been to a LOFT store before, but I live in the land of the worst mall ever and I haven’t been to Toronto to shop in ages! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Toronto… which I hope is at least by the end of the year!

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    1. I think you’d love LOFT, they have a great style – kind of like J Crew but not as pricey. I always find stuff whenever I go in there! You’ll need a shopping list and extra room in the car for all your purchases when you come to Toronto haha!

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      1. Worse yet, I fly to Toronto! But I usually pack fairly light as I’m only ever there for maybe a week at the most. It’s a 15 hour drive from Thunder Bay to Toronto! Next time I go there I’ll make sure I leave room in my suitcase for something other than makeup haha

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        1. Oh man. I guess that will restrict you to one suitcase each with a weight limit. I was so careful about this when I was in Japan. I put most of my makeup stuff into my carry on for safety (I was so worried the powders would crack). If you do that, it’ll leave you lots of space in your check-in! 😛

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          1. Haha yeah I’m like you and put my makeup in my carry-on! I’ve had luggage sent to the wrong place before so I’m so paranoid now! All my makeup and my brushes except liquids ride with my in my carry-on! Haha, priorities!


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