Unlabeled Mystery OPI Nail Polish (Help Me ID It!)

I showed this unlabeled OPI polish in my birthday haul recently:
I applied this on my toes over the weekend and it’s bugging the heck out of me that I don’t know what the colour is. There was no label on the bottle. Can you help me identify it?

Here is how it looks on the nail swatch stick:
Close-up shot – in some lights it flashes a teal tint:

I found the blog where I saw this close-up brush / bottle shot, it was on TemperaniNails.  Of course her photos are on another level, so crisp and detailed!

I suspect this colour is from one of the more recent collection (within the last 2 years) simply due to the salon where I got it from. They often carry the newest collections and then sell the leftover ones cheaply.  I did some sleuthing online and used resources like beautygeek’s comparisons:


I’ve narrowed the selection down to one of the following:
• Venice the Party? (Venice Fall / Winter 2015)
• I Sea you Wear OPI (OPI Brights Summer 2015 )
• This Colour is Making Waves (Hawaii Spring / Summer 2015)

The bottle shots aren’t the most accurate, I find.  I think it’s a toss-up between the first two, and I’m leaning more toward “Venice The Party” because of how it applies on the nails:


Here’s another shot of the nail swatch and bottle, with a more saturated colour:OPI_mystery6
What do you think? Help! I will not sleep soundly again until this mystery is solved! 😛

23 thoughts on “Unlabeled Mystery OPI Nail Polish (Help Me ID It!)

    1. Oh man, you could be right! I didn’t even look at that one too closely because the collection came out so long ago. Based on online swatches, it applies so similarly to this one!!!


      1. Oh man! Now I’ll have to look for you. I don’t think I have a shade like this from Essie in my stash. But I’m on the hunt for you! But one thing is for sure, that shade is NOT Lovie Dovie! I looked in the comments of that post and the 2 closest options are Bachelorette Bash or Exotic Liras. Incidentally, I just got Exotic Liras recently! Based on your photos, I’d say it’s NOT Exotic Liras. Let me dig more…


        1. I took the bottle to a store and couldn’t find exotic liras to compare it against, but next to bachelorette party this looks red in comparison. I wonder if it was a limited edition shade given i can’t find a colour matching in stores – although our Essie stands here are much smaller in comparison to yours (presuming they’re the same size as the states!)

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          1. It could have been a limited edition colour. You posted April of 2015, so I’ll look for collections that released around that time. Based on what I’ve seen about Bachelorette Bash, I didn’t think that was it – it’s too berry toned. Exotic Liras is much brighter and almost like a fruit punch. My best guess so far is Fruit Sangria (might be a bit too bright):
            But let me check the LE collections too!


  1. Looks like Venice the Party to me! Could it also be Teal the Cows Come Home as well, or is your polish a brighter, more metallic blue? Doesn’t seem like it would be This Colour is Making Waves…that one looks like a more muted blue.

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  2. Looks like Venice the Party to me, but I did use to have Teal the Cows Come Home and it was SO SHEER. Which is why I don’t think it’s that one, but I suppose the formula could have changed (my bottle had the older pre-Pro-Wide brush).

    Hate unlabeled polishes!!! Aaaaagh.

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    1. Good to know about Teal the Cows Come Home! That’s why I included the 1 and 2 coat photos. Sometimes you can tell a lot about a polish based on how they apply. I’m fairly confident in calling this shade Venice the Party! And coincidentally, we’re heading to Venice in September! Yay! 😀 Thanks Chris for the info!


  3. Such a gorgeous blue. It’s like ocean and frosting and swimming. What an amazing summer color. Why it made me think of frosting – I don’t now but that’s a good thing!


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