Photorejuvenation / IPL: Final Thoughts

I meant to post this back in June, but with vacation and the summer laziness, I’ve put off writing up this post. 😛 I’ve now gone through the full series of IPL treatments – I can provide my overall thoughts of my experience with Photorejuvenation / IPL.

I purchased a package of 5 sessions for facial IPL, which I began in January.  I had one session per month and my final session was in May before I went to Japan.

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My first post on this subject discussed my initial impression on the procedure and how my skin reacted to the IPL. I noticed subtle, but encouraging results. Then I posted an update on my third session, which was quite traumatic, to say the least! But, after the skin reaction subsided, my skin looked great, and the results were the most dramatic of all the sessions I had.

Remember this?!! o_O

The last 2 sessions were quite… unremarkable, if I do say so. I guess the good thing is that I did not have another negative reaction to the treatment. Some slight redness afterward but no bumps or rash like the previous session. But after sessions 4 and 5, I also did not see significant reduction on the pigmentation of my freckles, which was the primary reason why I pursued IPL treatments.  I would say there are diminishing returns – the initial treatments I saw more noticeable results but toward the end, they were less significant.
Overall, I experienced the following:
• Noticeable reduction in freckles and hyperpigmentation, some darker spots flaked off – my goal was a visible reduction, not an eradication of my freckles, and I definitely achieved that.
• Temporary decrease in oiliness in my t-zone
• Slight reduction of fine lines – I noted this especially around my laugh lines and forehead lines
• Slight (slight!) reduction in pore size – I don’t have large pores, but on my nose I feel that my pores look less prominent
• No noticeable reduction in redness – I don’t have rosacea but I do get redness on my cheeks and around my nose

Bottom line: I am content with the results of IPL, and likely would do more in the future.  I achieved much better results with IPL than compared to topical skincare treatments. A question that people often ask is: will the freckles and hyperpigmentation return? No, not the ones that were reduced or eliminated during the IPL sessions. However, if you’re prone to freckles or hyperpigmentation, it’s very likely that you will develop new spots.  Here are some tips if you’re thinking of getting Photorejuvenation / IPL treatments:

• Obviously, do your research on the salon. As much as it is not a “real” surgical procedure, it is still a laser being used on your skin.

• Try to time your sessions during the winter months when you’re not out in the sun as much. And after IPL, SPF is a must. (Actually, SPF is a must all the time!)

• Time it so that your skin isn’t tanned and don’t use self tanner beforehand – the laser works best on pigmentation that is darker than the surrounding skin.

• Be extra gentle on your skin afterward, don’t use AHA or physical exfoliants that will irritate the skin further.

• And, if something doesn’t feel right during the session (pain, sensitivity), speak up! (a lesson learned in my third session!)

Are you thinking of getting Photorejuvenation / IPL?

40 thoughts on “Photorejuvenation / IPL: Final Thoughts

  1. I considered several procedures a few months ago. One of them was photorejuvenation. But I thought I’d try a few cheap drugstore products first. Now, three months later, my skin is clear, and I got rid of all the brown, yellow, olive and red patches which made me feel ugly without make-up on.

    But I think it’s sugoi that you decided to have these treatment and that you achieved good results.

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    1. I’ve tried all manner of skincare products (drugstore and high end) that claim to lighten pigmentation or improve overall skin tone. None of the results were as good as what I got through photorejuvenation. And price-wise, this was probably cheaper considering the amount of money I sunk into those serums and peels!
      I hope it’s not a slippery slope though… next, I’ll be doing botox! (no, I’m not…)

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          1. Wahahah it’s too late for me. I start to get laughing lines 😀 Wahahah fingers cross for ageing gracefully. If I ever pucker up the courage to do the fillers, I’ll let you know 😉


  2. Great review on this, it was nice to hear about the entire process! I will definitely be trying out some skin rejuvenation treatments in the future- it’s time!

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    1. They say it’s better to do non-invasive stuff early to “maintain” then you won’t have to do anything drastic. And of course, stay out of the sun! 😉


    1. Definitely! I think the last 2 sessions did help make my skin look more smooth overall, but it was subtle in that non of my spots scabbed up and fell off like the earlier sessions.

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  3. I am on the same page, two years ago i did an IPL for my redness and only lasted me 2 years, i am doing a new treatment now with a better laser(i didn’t know there were a lot of lasers) only three sessions i will update in my blog.


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    1. Yes it does seem like they come out with better lasers all the time. I’m sure by the time I do the treatments again, they’ll be better – and hopefully the price will drop! I’m glad you hear you had positive results too!

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  4. I am a huge fan of IPL. 😂 I commented on your older post about this. It erased my flagging pores and pigmentation on my legs to nothing. Huge fan haha. I haven’t done it to my face yet. Waiting for the winter 😉

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    1. Yes I remember you mentioned about your legs! Hmmm now I’m thinking I could use it for my legs as well! I’m suffering from a bout of yet to be diagnosed hives / rash that have left my legs scarred. Ugh. I can’t start any scar treatment until they’ve cleared yet. I’ve been battling this since mid July. 😦 But thanks for reminding me about IPL as an option – I’m so self conscious about it at the moment. Been wearing long pants all summer long.

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      1. I had eczema that left scars on my arms. Thanks to IPL and they’re all gone wahahah 😀 Best of luck with the treatment 😉 It took me 5 rounds to clear everything and 7 rounds to clear all my arm bushes wahahah

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        1. oh yes, I’m still doing underarm hair removal. I just finished my 6th session and I need more, I think! Good to know about how IPL has helped you with the scarring… this will be in my distant future once they find out what the heck is going on with my legs!

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  5. Great that you can see a difference. Me too, probably will chicken out! For some reasons.. I Just can’t feel comfortable with other people touching my face and nails! I don’t mind a massage thou hehe
    I’m trying some products out at the moment. ..In the faint hope that it will help my skin 😊

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    1. You’re similar to my friend – she hates it when people touch her face! I used to be a bit apprehensive but my friend is an esthetician and I got used to having her touch my face.
      What products are you trying out right now? Will you blog about your experience with them?

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  6. I’m glad everything went well and you are satisfied with the results. I have a question, did you tell them (Medi-spa) your experience during the 3rd treatment? What did they do? You wrote in the previous blog about requesting them to revert back the setting they used in the first 2 sessions. How was your 4th and 5th session?
    My sister had a similar experience like yours during the 2nd treatment, so I guess they increased the setting which my sister’s skin didn’t tolerate it at all, as a result some sort of allergy came up.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment and asking about whether I advised the medi-spa about my experience from the 3rd session. Yes, I did tell them! She felt really bad and dialed back the intensity quite a bit. I kind of suspect that’s why my results were less dramatic on the last 2 sessions – they erred on the side of caution with my skin.
      Sorry to hear about your sister’s experience. Did she continue with her treatments?


  7. I think it’s awesome that you had the result you were after. I’ve been thinking about scar treatments lately. I almost feel like they are part of who I am so I could see why you didn’t want to totally get rid of your freckles. It’s awkward when people ask and working with children, of course they ask ALL THE TIME. Lol.


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