Stash Dash: Nov 6 – 12

Last week was quite draining, to say the least. I’m so glad it’s over. :/

Here are the posts that went up, in case you were too busy drinking yourself into a stupor:

PP12: Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder
This lovely smelling loose powder adds a nice luminosity to my under eye area.

Burberry Nail Polish No. 200 Steel Grey
It’s a stunner in the bottle, but not so much on my nails!

Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy Personals
My first foray into aromatherapy oils to help with health concerns.


• This isn’t a political blog but holy crap, America! What have you done?!! 😮 It’s not just Trump, it’s who he has surrounding himself with, including his scary religious nut VP-elect Pence. I’m most concerned about women’s rights, healthcare, environment protection, minority and LGBT rights.


I know that I’m not even American but we’re literally attached. 😕  On Wednesday, the day after the election, Cat, Hippylip, and myself recorded an episode for the podcast, to discuss our thoughts on the result (with some beauty banter thrown in). It’ll go up next Thursday, and I’ll share more of my thoughts on this, so look out for that.

• I’ve lost a bit of my blogging mojo so I’ll be reducing my output for the next few weeks.

• I got my hair cut finally!  All of 2 inches!  It’s still long enough to touch my bra band down the back.
Actually, you can’t even really tell the difference. 😉

How did you manage with last week?

18 thoughts on “Stash Dash: Nov 6 – 12

    1. Aww thanks for listening! Cat is the brains behind the podcast, I am just a talker. 😛
      Hmm blogging mojo, I think I am slightly burnt out. The weather changing. The American election. All of it. No fear, I’ll be back to normal soon enough!


  1. I’m admitting how technically challenged I am, but I need to figure out this whole podcast business so I can listen to you guys 🙂
    This whole last year has been politically exhausting and the last week… Well I don’t even have words. Much wine was consumed.

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    1. You can listen podcasts on itunes if you’re on your phone. Or listen through google+ if you’re on a laptop (you need to be logged into your gmail account). It’s easy and it’s free!
      There’s so much political stuff on the daily, I can’t even escape…

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