New 2017 Focus: No-Buy-Low-Buy Hybrid

So, it’s resolution time! I toyed with the idea of doing a summary of my year long Low-Buy for 2016 but if you’ve followed along on the journey, it can be summarized as this: well-intentioned. 😉
I did start out well early in the year but I got myself in the red badly by mid-year, which then meant that I had to go on a self-imposed No-Buy for a couple of months to get myself out of the hole.  But it was down hill once again by late Autumn. I’m not even going to insult you by posting a December Low-Buy post – I ended the whole year in the red in a bad way! 😳  If you’re curious about my journey, have a read through my Low-Buy Accountability posts.  Remember when I achieved my No-Buy in 2015, I rewarded myself?  Well, I didn’t achieve my Low-Buy target so no rewards to myself! 😥

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