Versatile Award & Premio Dardos Award

I was double tagged by Joy of Styled with Joy and Crystal of nerdylibrariangirl for this award mash-up!  Both blogs are my must-reads and they’ve provided lots of support on my blog!  Thank you very much!

Premio Dardos is Spanish for “Prize Darts” and is an award in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of original and creative writing.

The Rules:
1. When you accept the award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
2. Include the image of the award in your post.
3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers worthy of this acknowledgement.

Versatile Award actually has an official WordPress page which outlines the award, neat-o.

The Rules:
1. Show the award on your blog
2. Thank the person that nominated you
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 blogs
5. Link to their blogs and tell them they’ve been nominated

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Beautiful Blogger Award

I was triple tagged for this award by Bree of Always, Bree, Joy of Styled with Joy and Sam of Glam with Sam!  So honoured to have such lovely ladies nominate me for this one!  If you live under a rock and have never visited their blogs, get thee to their blogs, pronto!  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ok, you’re back? Onto the nominees.

The Rules:
• Display the Award logo on your blog.
• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
• Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.
• Let them know they have been nominated.

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Infinity Dreams Award

I was nominated by Sandy of Lippie Obsession and Gwen of Gwenan Carter for the Infinity Dreams Award! Huzzah!  Sandy always has great FOTD and useful reviews on her blog, and Gwen is a mommy to cutie Jacob, balancing mommy topics and beauty stuff on her blog.  Go check them both out if you haven’t already!


  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

I’m going to partially combine the 2 nominations and just state 11 facts about me since I think I’m running out of remotely interesting things to say about myself at this point… I am struggling with coming up with 11, let alone 22! I’ll do the 11 Facts at the end just in case I duplicate a question response with a fact.

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The Creative Blogger Award

Meredith from Shadow & Sugar nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award, which is another tag type of post going around, and I’m more than happy to accept!  Thank you Meredith, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you better!

The rules of the award are:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify them via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass on the rules

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The Liebster Award

::blushes:: Aw shucks, I got nominated for The Leibster Award twice last week!  Huge thanks to Bree and Ryane for the nominations!  Bree has been so active on my blog: reading and commenting regularly, it’s great to have such participation.  Plus, she is the most prolific blogger I know, posting multiple entries per day – and did I mention that she’s a new mom? Thanks Bree, for your support!  Ryane I’m just starting to get to know more, but her blog is all things girly and lovely – lots of fun and positive vibes from her.  Thanks!

I wasn’t familiar with this award so I googled it and this blog has some background information it.  Essentially it’s a fantastic way to discover new blogs and recognize the work of up-and-coming bloggers.

The Rules
1. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions the blogger gave you.
3. Give 11 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 7-11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Notify the people you nominated.
6. Give approximately 7 to 11 questions for nominees to answer.

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