The Liebster Award

::blushes:: Aw shucks, I got nominated for The Leibster Award twice last week!  Huge thanks to Bree and Ryane for the nominations!  Bree has been so active on my blog: reading and commenting regularly, it’s great to have such participation.  Plus, she is the most prolific blogger I know, posting multiple entries per day – and did I mention that she’s a new mom? Thanks Bree, for your support!  Ryane I’m just starting to get to know more, but her blog is all things girly and lovely – lots of fun and positive vibes from her.  Thanks!

I wasn’t familiar with this award so I googled it and this blog has some background information it.  Essentially it’s a fantastic way to discover new blogs and recognize the work of up-and-coming bloggers.

The Rules
1. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions the blogger gave you.
3. Give 11 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 7-11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Notify the people you nominated.
6. Give approximately 7 to 11 questions for nominees to answer.

My answers to Bree’s questions:
1. What beauty product can you not live without?
Lip balm! I must always have hydrated lips or else I cannot focus on anything else. I’m partial to the Dr Hauschka lip care stick for daytime. True story: once, was on my way to an interview and realized that I forgot my lip balm. I had to stop off at the drugstore to buy one before the interview.

2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I’m more of a morning person – I like to get the day started!

3. What was the last good movie you saw in the theaters?
Birdman. I was surprised I liked it as much as I did – I walked in not expecting much. And now look, it won the Oscar for Best Picture!

4. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?
Some sort of metropolitan city – I much prefer the cultural aspect of travelling than laying about in the sun. In fact, I dislike all-inclusive resorts. I’m all about seeing the sights and  trying the local food while I’m on vacation.

5. What did you want to be when you grew up? Does it match what you do now (or planning on doing)?
I wanted to be a teacher. And no, it doesn’t match up with what I’m currently doing, I can’t imagine spending all day around kids now…

6. What was your proudest moment?
Not a specific moment, but generally living the life I want to lead. I have this quote framed:

– Henry David Thoreau

7. What is your most favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
I have a dark grey hoodie from the now defunct JACOB Connexion which is made of a very soft jersey material. What I love about it, is the hood itself – it’s a huge slouchy hood that’s unlike anything I’ve seen since. It’s my go-to comfy wear.

My answers to Ryane’s questions:
1. Summer or Winter?
Call me crazy, but I prefer Winter. I’d much rather be cold than to be too hot and sweaty.

2. Favorite place on Earth?
At home! Spoken like a true Crab (I’m a Cancer in the zodiac).

3. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As per my reply to Bree, I wanted to be a teacher. I also thought I wanted to be a nurse. I am neither!

4. Favorite Kardashian?
Oh gosh if you put a gun to my head, I would say Kourtney since she seems to have her sh!t together.

5. Pet peeve?
People who walk through a door and don’t hold it for the person behind them.

6. Favorite designer?
I don’t follow designers as much now as I used to, but I greatly admire the genius that was Yves Saint Laurent. He was like an artist, but with textile.

7. If you could have one super power, what would you choose?
Invisibility! I’m such a voyeur… I’d love to be a a fly on the wall in conversations or peeking inside people’s homes.

8. Nsync or Backstreet Boys?
NSYNC! It gave us JT, c’mon.

9. Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
No tattoos. No unusual piercings – I had a piecing on my ear cartilage area – apparently that type of piercing is called a “Helix” according to this chart but I eventually removed it because the hoop it in would often snag with my hair and it would get irritated.

10. Favorite place to shop?
This is a tough one now because my previous place to shop – JACOB – is now closed. Currently, I would say I like LOFT the most.

11. Any secret talents?
If I tell you, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, now would it?! ;P I guess not so secret is that I’m a knitter. Whenever people find out that I knit, they’re surprised since they think knitting is for old grannies. Not so!

11 Facts about myself:
1.  I eat cereal (any type) completely dry, no milk.
2.  I’m somewhat ambidextrous – I use my computer mouse, brush my teeth, wash my face with my left hand, but I write and use most other tools with my right hand.
3.  I prefer non-fiction to fiction.
4.  I love untangling knots – be it knots in a ball of yarn, or if a necklace chain is tangled, I have the patience and nimble fingers to untangle them!
5.  I’m adopted.  So is my sister.  We’re not biologically related though.
6. I have a small birthmark on my thigh that’s shaped like a duck.
7. My favourite colour is purple and it has been since I was little – I was never into pink.
8. My birthday is really easy to remember: July 11th, because in numeric form it rhymes: seven eleven.
9. I hate celery – it smells like B.O. to me!
10. I like owls. I don’t collect things with owls on them per se, but I do gravitate toward items with owls on them. I have an owl mug, an owl notebook, an owl lip balm…
11. I have a very sweet tooth – I will always choose sweet over savoury, no matter what.  I’m not into eating chips.  I LOVE gummy candies:

My nominees:
• Toast the Girl Almighty
Louis Anne Barnard
trying everything once
Girls about London
Lucy Western
Beauty As I Know It
Shadow & Sugar
Bexeyy Beauty

My questions to them:
1. What is your favourite meal to eat?
2. What is / was your favourite subject in school?
3. Do you wear a watch? If no, why not?
4. Heels or flats?
5. Favourite game as a child?
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
7. Do you play any musical instruments?
8. Are you an only child? If not, what birth order do you fall in? How do you think that has shaped you?
9. Which makeup brand do you think is over-hyped?
10. What magazines do you read on a regular basis?
11. What is on your key chain?

Give these bloggers some love – go check out their blogs and their answers to my questions!

That was fun! Thanks again to Bree and Ryane!

9 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for everything you said about me! 🙂 So nice of you to say. I’ve really have enjoyed your blog. And I’ve been wanting to see Birdman, hopefully we can catch it before it’s out of the theaters!

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