Level set: my current stash

Let me lay it all out here.  No judgement here, ok?

This is my makeup stash:

Makeup stash

I keep the majority of my makeup inside our spare bedroom closet.  It’s where I get ready every morning so it’s easily accessible for me.  It’s not the ideal set up but it works for now.  The beauty of it is that I can close up the sliding closet door and it’s all out of sight.  What’s cropped from the photo are two multi-drawer desktop organizers where I keep the bulk of my blushes and eye shadows:

a blush drawer

Notice how I say “a” blush drawer?  There is more than one.
Eye shadows, the most abundant item in my stash.  They’re like tribbles.  All those little drawers on the left hand side shown in the first photo also contain eye shadows.  In addition, I have separate areas where I keep my brushes and free-form / large format palettes.

I am not a makeup artist.  I don’t do youtube videos.  And up until this month I didn’t even have a blog.  All of this makeup is just for me.  I won’t bore you with photos upon photos.  Let me just quantify this for you.  As of December 31, 2014, I own:

  • 604 eye shadows (again, remember that I count individual shades in palettes – so that makes this number less shocking?)
  • 75 eyeliners – I’m surprised at this.  I think there’s a real opportunity here for purging.
  • 105 base makeup – included are foundations, powders, and concealers.  I should also mention a portion are unopened back-ups.  Also, I often mix 2 shades of base makeup to get a match so there are “duplicates” of the same product, just in different shades.
  • 155 blushes – and I’m not at all ashamed of this number!  Viva la blush!
  • 40 lip balms / 79 lipglosses  / 79 lipsticks – I’m not even a lipgloss / lipstick person – I need to purge a lot that I don’t use.  I mainly stick to lip balms these days.
  • 202 eye / 126 face brushes – I just can’t resist makeup brushes.  I am always on the hunt for the next better thing.  There is a bunch I’ve set aside that I don’t reach for often, which I am contemplating on purging.
  • 498 nail polishes – these are not shown in the photos, but I have several shallow airtight bins where I keep all my nail polishes in.  Feature post to come in the future.

I know, this isn’t normal.

Disclaimer: I didn’t acquire all this overnight, or even in one year.  I’ve been amassing this stash for more than 10 years.  Yes, powder products and nail polishes keep for many many years – don’t fret for my health and safety – and I do go through my collection once a year to purge expired items.

25 thoughts on “Level set: my current stash

  1. You’re a trooper! Good on you.
    So long as you do go through your makeup and say “sayonara!” to what you don’t like / don’t wear / is past its use-by date, I say that your stash is perfectly normal.
    Have a look and some Youtubers’ makeup collection – your’s is NOTHING in comparison.

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    1. Yup, I do periodically purge items. I plan to do a blog post on an upcoming purge!
      Oh for sure, I’ve seen some of the YouTuber’s makeup collection – it’s insane. My point mostly was that I’m not a YouTuber or blogger and I collected all of this makeup w/o companies sending me stuff for review…

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    1. I don’t know how I feel about selling my used makeup – I just don’t want to be dealing with strangers, ya know? But I do try to give items that can be sanitized to friends. I’m planning on doing a purge post coming up where I’ll part with some of the items that I just don’t use much. Tis will be a sad day!


      1. Yeah, totally understand. I haven’t ever sold cosmetics, just some college books and I always did it in person so I knew I wasn’t being scammed. You’re so generous to share with your friends though! Excited for that post. X

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    1. Hahaha, I’m glad I’m here to help you feel normal! 😛 Have you seen my individual stash posts?
      As my boyfriend called them, “makeup porn”. Yup.
      (I have purged a lot of stuff in the past year though… but I’ve also accumulated more recently, ahem.)

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