eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm collection

Happy Easter!
Today I thought I would share with you my eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm collection, since they look like little Easter eggs!

Don’t they?

I own 16 of the eos spheres, listed here roughly in the order of my preference:
1) Honeysuckle Honeydew (light turquoise)
2) Sweet Mint (light green)
3) Coconut Cream (light pink swirl)
4) Watermelon Wonderland (red)
5) St. Bart’s Sunrise / Pink Grapefruit (coral pink)
6) Blueberry Potion (blue)
7) Sweet Vanilla Nonsense (ivory)
8) Passion Fruit (purple)
9) Pomegranate Raspberry (plum)
10) Barbados Heat / Wildberry (berry)
11) Summer Fruit (deep pink)
12) Indian Summer / Orange Blossom (dark orange)
13) Vanilla Mint (light blue swirl)
14) Aloha Hawaii / Strawberry Kiwi (crimson)
15) Lemon Drop (yellow)
16) Medicated Tangerine (orange)
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