Cargo LashActivator Night

I have what I describe as, “meh”, lashes.  They’re short and wimpy, but they do have a bit of a curl.  I’m forever trying new products to help them grow or make them look fuller.  Now, I’m not one to use hardcore lash growth serums like Latisse or its generic version, Careprost, for fear of the potential side effects (they state that approx 4% of clinical trial patients reported darkening of skin, redness, dry eyes – with my luck, I would be in that 4%).

A couple of years ago, I started using Cargo’s LashActivator Night ($29 for 11ml, select Rexall, online):
Cargo describes it as:

…a revolutionary nighttime elixir clinically proven to stimulate lashes at the lash bed for visibly longer, fuller and more lush lashes. This safe, non-irritating formula shows a 169% improvement over natural growth rates.

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