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I have what I describe as, “meh”, lashes.  They’re short and wimpy, but they do have a bit of a curl.  I’m forever trying new products to help them grow or make them look fuller.  Now, I’m not one to use hardcore lash growth serums like Latisse or its generic version, Careprost, for fear of the potential side effects (they state that approx 4% of clinical trial patients reported darkening of skin, redness, dry eyes – with my luck, I would be in that 4%).

A couple of years ago, I started using Cargo’s LashActivator Night ($29 for 11ml, select Rexall, online):
Cargo describes it as:

…a revolutionary nighttime elixir clinically proven to stimulate lashes at the lash bed for visibly longer, fuller and more lush lashes. This safe, non-irritating formula shows a 169% improvement over natural growth rates.

Grand claims.  How is this lash “elixir” supposed to work? Cargo lists its features and benefits:
•  Contains Marine Algae extracts which are rich in minerals for soft, nourished lashes.
•  Citrus-derived Flavonoid promotes micro-circulation, necessary to carry vital nutrients to lash roots for optimal growth.

Silicone wand. Product is a clear gel.

Each tube has a lifespan of 6 months and I can say that it has helped my lashes, somewhat.  What I’ve mainly noticed is that my lashes don’t fall out as often.  I can’t really speak to whether this has helped with increasing the length of each lash, but not having my lashes fall out as often has helped them appear fuller. I’ll take that!

Not sure why the safety seal shows “BLACK” when this product is clear. The product is made in Italy.

I don’t really buy the marketing BS about “marine algae” and “mico-circulation”, so I decided to check out the ingredient list a little more closely to see what key ingredients are helping my lashes:
Glycerin. Possibly. Keratin. Perhaps. Castor oil.  Ah ha! I think essentially this ingredient is what’s helping my lashes not to fall out.  I’ve read many recommendations online about using plain castor oil to help lashes or brows grow.  Huh! Basically I’m paying big bucks to have a neatly packaged castor oil delivery system for my lashes.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  It works.  It’s fuss-free. But do I really need it?  I’ve just opened up my last tube from my stash – I stocked up and bought 3 tubes at a discounted rate after testing it out and noticing my lashes aren’t falling out as much.  Now faced with the prospect of paying full price… I may investigate buying a bottle of castor oil instead.

The packaging also calls this product a primer and advises it can be worn under mascara during day time.  Don’t do that!  It will cause your mascara to smear and flake off, this product doesn’t really fully set on the lashes.  In fact, in the mornings I usually wake up with white gummy residue on my lashes from this product – not attractive.

•  helped my lashes to not fall out as much
•  sanitary and convenient applicator

•  expensive
•  inconclusive about claim of helping lash length

Stash worthiness: 6/10

Do you use any lash growth products?  I’d be interested in suggestions from you!

17 thoughts on “Cargo LashActivator Night

  1. My lashes are straight and miniscule, but no, I haven’t ever tried anything specifically for lash growth. Guess I’m skeptical, hah! The castor oil is probably a good place to start, though. I do apply argan oil to my face at night, and when I do, I make sure to get some on my lashline, as well. I don’t know if I’ve actually noticed any difference, but I guess moisturizing there probably can’t hurt!

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    1. That makes sense to moisturize the lashes with something, since I abuse them every day with mascara. I used to freak out when my lashes would fall out 2 or 3 at a time… that’s like 25% of my total lashes!


    1. That’s a great idea. I think I’ll do that. I guess I’ll just dip the applicator into the castor oil bottle? I’ll have to figure out a way to keep it sanitary. Thanks!


  2. I actually used the one UD came out with awhile back and I swear it did seem to help after my lashes were pretty much thinned out by lash extensions. Ugh so gorgeous but so dangerous to your natural lashes. But I stopped using it when I got pregnant because I was paranoid and my lashes are generally back to normal.

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    1. Lash extension! I had them put on by a friend who was practicing to be an esthetician and it was so annoying to have them, I removed them within the same day! How long did you have your lash extension on for?

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      1. I kept them on until they all fell out, I didn’t want to pay to get them filled and deal with the upkeep again. I had them done for my wedding and I was glad I did, but yes it was a pain in the ass trying not to get them wet in the shower and when washing my face. It was pretty amazing waking up with gorgeous lashes though, I makes you feel like you don’t need to wear makeup!


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