Get to know me Tag, beauty blogger edition

I was tagged by the lovely Ryane Zamora Beauty to do this. Little did she know that I secretly was going to do this tag even if no one tagged me (but now I look like I have friends, and I’m cool. Yeah.)  I’ve seen this tag called “Get to Know Me Tag” but Ryane called it the “Beauty Blogger Tag”, but I didn’t want to confuse it with the “Confessions of a Beauty Blogger Tag“, so uh I’m just going to mesh the two titles.

Keep reading for my answers to the 31 questions

Your turn: Grade MY skincare routine

So it was suggested that I put my skincare routine up for scrutiny since I was so ruthless in my grading of my friends’ skincare routines.  No problem, I’ve not nothing to hide!
Skin type: combination (slightly oily t-zone, normal cheeks), with hormonal breakout on chin.  I also have skin sensitivity and tend to break out in hives randomly (allergies, cold/hot weather). My skin also doesn’t tolerate too much manual manipulation (ie scrubs)  I’m a delicate flower, what can I say? Continue reading