100 Day No-Buy

Today is my official 100 days of my No-Buy! *throws confetti*
My No-Buy primarily focused on not buying makeup / skincare as per my rules (no net new items unless it’s to replenish a finished product).  To a lesser extent, I also committed to not make any unnecessary clothing purchases.  I won’t lie, it’s been difficult, especially in the early days of clearance sales and Target Canada closing (hence me breaking my No-Buy in January and having to restart 😳 ).  To mark this milestone, I’ve giving myself a badge:
I shared my progress report at 28 days and I plan to do milestone achievement posts to keep myself accountable.  Now that I have my 100 day No-Buy badge, if you’re contemplating on doing a No Buy or a Low Buy, I thought I’d share some tips. 😉

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