Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap stash

As mentioned in my previous BBW post, I’m a big fan of BBW’s Foaming hand soap – I find the Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (formerly Antibacterial Soap) to be too drying and the cream-based ones not to rinse well (and it seems like they’ve discontinued now? – I don’t see them anymore).  The Foaming Soap, on the other hand (see what I did there?), cleans well, but doesn’t strip my skin raw.  I stock up whenever there’s a sale, and I also put them on my Christmas wishlist.  This is how my current BBW Foaming Soap stash came to be:

  1. Tis The Season (this is in the older style pump which leads me to believe it’s been in my stash since 2013!)
  2. Raspberry Meringue
  3. Mixed Berry Tart
  4. Cherry Almond Shortbread
  5. Sundrenched Vineyard
  6. Peach Bellini
  7. Kitchen Lemon
  8. Mango Hibiscus
  9. White Citrus
  10. Warm Vanilla Sugar
  11. Perfect Beach Day
  12. Seaside Bloom
  13. Sweet Pea

Have you tried any of these scents?

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