Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap stash

As mentioned in my previous BBW post, I’m a big fan of BBW’s Foaming hand soap – I find the Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (formerly Antibacterial Soap) to be too drying and the cream-based ones not to rinse well (and it seems like they’ve discontinued now? – I don’t see them anymore).  The Foaming Soap, on the other hand (see what I did there?), cleans well, but doesn’t strip my skin raw.  I stock up whenever there’s a sale, and I also put them on my Christmas wishlist.  This is how my current BBW Foaming Soap stash came to be:

  1. Tis The Season (this is in the older style pump which leads me to believe it’s been in my stash since 2013!)
  2. Raspberry Meringue
  3. Mixed Berry Tart
  4. Cherry Almond Shortbread
  5. Sundrenched Vineyard
  6. Peach Bellini
  7. Kitchen Lemon
  8. Mango Hibiscus
  9. White Citrus
  10. Warm Vanilla Sugar
  11. Perfect Beach Day
  12. Seaside Bloom
  13. Sweet Pea

Have you tried any of these scents?

L to R: Tis The Season, Raspberry Meringue, Mixed Berry Tart, Cherry Almond Shortbread

All of these came from Christmas presents.  I’ve already used up the Raspberry Meringue one, which was quite nice.  I currently have Mixed Berry Tart on the go and it’s just so-so – it’s a bit cloying with the sugar cookie smell, I wished it was more of a pure berry scent.  I’ll be saving Tis the Season and Cherry Almond Shortbread for next holiday season.

L to R: Sundrenched Vineyard, Peach Bellini, Kitchen Lemon, Mango Hibiscus, White Citrus

We’re partial to the fruity scents so we always request them.  Our all time any-season favourite scent is Peach Bellini. My least favourite BBW scent is Sensual Amber… ugh, from time to time we receive that as a gift (right now we have a body wash in that scent).

L to R: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Perfect Beach Day, Seas Side Bloom, Sweet Pea

The scents that have artsy names like “Whimsical Moments” or “Hopes & Dreams” (disclaimer: not actual BBW scent names!) mean absolutely nothing to me. Just what does a Perfect Beach Day smell like?  My personal favourite scent was Honeysuckle, but of course, it has been discontinued. I smelled the new Wild Honeysuckle and Honeysuckle Bouquet and they aren’t the same.  Why you do that, BBW, you big tease?

I may have mild OCD with hand washing, because I wash my hands a LOT. And I’ve counted, here’s just my morning hand washing:

  1. after morning first pee (sorry TMI but it’s a universal activity!)
  2. after brushing teeth
  3. after applying body lotion
  4. after applying eye makeup
  5. after applying foundation
  6. after applying concealer
  7. after applying hair styling products
  8. after hair blow drying

And that’s over the span of about 45 minutes – so I use up the hand soaps with regular frequency, roughly a bottle per month.  At this rate, my current hand soap stash will be depleted by next Christmas, at which point we’ll receive more as Christmas presents!

Are you also a frequent hand washer?  What are you favourite hand soaps and scents?

20 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap stash

  1. I like all the winter and fall scents that BBW puts out like Noel bean or tis the season.I agree washing after using the bathroom is a universal activity but i also do after using face products as well.

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  2. LOL @ morning hand washing! But yeah, we all do it. Cherry Almond Shortbread sounds marvelous. I normally get Avalon hand wash in Lemon (mmmm lemon) or Jason in Apricot, but also occasionally pick up some fun (especially holiday) scented ones from Method and Yves Rocher. Kinda want to try B&BW now, though!

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    1. I’ve grown accustomed to the foaming ones because they rinse so well, I don’t like the regular liquid hand soaps anymore. I do also like the hand soaps from Fruits & Passion but their stores seem to have all closed and switched over to FaceShop ever since LG acquired them.


  3. Cherry Almond Shortbread? That must smell amazing! I love the foam style hand soaps too, I usually get the Method brand from Target. When I notice the sign in front of Bath & Body Works for the deals when I’m at the mall I usually pick some up.

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  4. Okay, I’m going to the mall today and I’m totally going to get the Peach Bellini one!! I love fruity smells, too 🙂 I can’t wait to try it out!! 🙂
    Also, YES! I’m a major hand washer. I think I use Dial hand foaming soap, or whatever, with a blah scent. I just use it because it doesn’t dry out my hands too much, but I can’t wait to try this new soap 🙂 thanks for the awesome review, girl ❤

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  5. Peach Bellini and Kitchen Lemon are standards in my place. I loved the Mango Hibiscus and wished I had gotten more of it since it was only available for a limited time. They have another sale happening and they have new scents out (woohoo), so I better restock.

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