Infinity Dreams Award 2

I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by fivezero!  Now, I’ve been nominated for this award before but I’m making an exception to not doing an Award twice since I’ve not done one from fivezero! 😀

The Infinity Dreams Award Rules:

  1. Thank & follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. Answer the questions given to you by the amazing person who nominated you.
  4. Nominated other bloggers & come up with questions for them to answer.

My answers to fivezero’s questions:

1. Recently discovered Holy Grail product?
In recent memory, probably the Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner.
It’s very different than other toners I’ve used – it’s got a thicker consistency like a cross between a gel and water – likely due to the glycerin. I will repurchase this every winter.

2. Most beloved toy from childhood?
A Monchichi doll!  I loved making it suck its thumb!

3. Most enjoyable movie you’ve seen recently?
I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road rather reluctantly, and was surprised at what an enjoyable, thrilling ride it was. It’s purely an action flick – check your brain at the door.  Also, it’s got Tom Hardy in the title role:


4. Do you have a pet?
Sadly, no. I did grow up with a house full of pets though: a dog, rabbits, birds, fish. I definitely want a dog. My bf wants a cat.  This is what I imagine would happen:

5. Name a favorite celebrity.
Cate Blanchett

6. Farthest north you have ever been?
Iceland! Here’s a picture I took of the “downtown” area:

7. Best way to enjoy the summer?
Indoors in a climate controlled environment! 😛

My nominees:
Glam Necessities
Helpless Whist Drying
Puddles of Ink
The Avon Insider
Rach Wat
Jessie’s Budget Beauty
My Life as Mrs. A

My questions:
1. What’s your favourite app on your phone?
2. Have you ever touched the bottom of the deep-end of a swimming pool?
3. What’s the tallest building / structure you’ve ever been on?
4. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
5. Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?
6. What’s your favourite curse word / phrase? (You can sensor the word if you’d like)
7. Favourite ice cream flavour?

PS. Hey, here’s a pro-tip for WP users, if you’re nominating someone for an award, or just mentioning a blog in your post, rather than linking to their home page (ie., link to their “about” page ( instead.  This way, the blog gets a pingback alert and it saves you from having to go to every blog to alert them that you’ve tagged them. #lazybloghacks 😀

17 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award 2

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I will have to play catch up with these lovely awards! 🙂 My aunt and uncle just took their grandson to Iceland as a high school graduation present. They actually first flew there and then visited a few other countries. I would love to go there one day.

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  2. OMG those Mounchici dolls! What memories!!! You reminded me about that Body Shop toner – must try it out! Oh and that dog…omggg! Reminded me of mine (he’s at my dad’s house when I moved out due to space). He’s half border collie….amazing dogs, so beautiful, smart and loyal.

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