Salux beauty skin cloth

When someone touches my arm in passing and blurts out, “omg your SKIN, it’s SO soft!” I’m a bit embarrassed and surprised – I mean, I really have no frame of reference to the degree of skin softness on other people. This invariably leads to said person asking someone else to touch my skin to verify that it is indeed SO soft, which leads to petting time at the zoo…

I can’t pinpoint exactly why my skin is “SO soft” but I can attribute it to a few things:
•  Genetics 60%
•  Skincare products (soaps, shower gels, lotion, body butter) 25%
•  Salux cloth 15%

What is this Salux cloth?  It’s like the cherry on the cake!

I learned about this product through MakeupAlley product reviews and what intrigued me was that it had a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 with more than 400 reviews.   That’s unheard of, really – such a large number of people rating a product so highly.  Well, count me among the converted.  Salux cloth is a nylon-polyester abrasive cloth for exfoliating the body – the 2 unique attributes that makes this cloth different than others I’ve tried are:

• Its size: it measures 11″ X 35″ (28cm X 90cm), making it a long rectangle, perfect for scrubbing the back like so:
(such a cute illustration, this is from the back of the package!)

• Its texture: it’s quite a spiky gritty weave, more abrasive than other similar cloths I’ve tried.  Warning: if you have sensitive skin, be gentle with how much pressure to use – my skin literally tingles for about half an hour after I use this cloth.  I would not recommend this for use on the face!
As noted on the package, it helps to use less soap since it lathers up really well:
Aside from using it for my back, I bunch it up similar to one of the nylon shower puffs to use with shower gel or bar soap and leaves my skin glowing!  I use my Salux cloth on average once to twice a week.
My first Salux cloth I purchased online from the official Salux shop, for $11 USD.  Now I know better.  I now either buy them from Asian markets, where they’re only $5, or other reputable online sources at less than $5.  Don’t accept imitations – I’ve tried a host of other non-Salux branded exfoliating clothes and they’re not as abrasive or as effective.

Have you used the Salux cloth before?  Do you use any exfoliating cloths in the shower?

16 thoughts on “Salux beauty skin cloth

  1. I have an exfoliating gloves. Having a very humid weather really requires me to use it three times.
    I remember back then aiming for a satin soft, cottony texture of skin. I guess its a girl requirement of a girl to herself (did I get it right?)
    Have to find Salux here. Btw, the cloth best reminds me of a make up remover. I remember it vividly when you said it’s not to be used on face.

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    1. Hi you! How have you been? Haven’t seen you in a while. 🙂
      Yes, all girls must have soft cottony skin! It’s a requirement to join the club! 😛
      Surely, they will have Salux there! These are the same idea as the exfoliating gloves but the texture is SO much better. No no, please do NOT use this on your delicate face!

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      1. I missed you girls dearly! Hmmm, I should say it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. Pretty tough. There’s just one thing that I have attend to hopefully it ends well. Can’t wait to be with my girls again! Hope I didn’t miss that much.
        This would be my new hunt. I could already feel it on my skin. 🙂


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