Nuworld Botanicals Cold-pressed Organic Sea buckthorn & Jojoba oil

In late August, I received a few items from Nuworld Botanicals to try:

I showed this in my August accountability post.

I did not select the specific items – I described a few of my likes and dislikes, along with my skin type and concerns – and left it up to Nuworld Botanicals to surprise me! 😀 Today I’m reviewing the first item that I’ve been testing for the past month, the Cold-pressed Organic Sea buckthorn & Jojoba oil:
If you’ve been a reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love oils for all sorts of beautifying aspects: cleansing, hydrating and protecting. So how does this oil from Nuword Botanical stack up against other oils I’ve tried?

It was love at first use! You know how sometimes you need to use a product a few times to form an opinion about it? Not with this. The first night I used this, I already knew this product was a winner.
What made this so great? The texture. It’s like silk.  It absorbs into my skin quickly, leaving my skin plumped and looking radiant!
What was in this magical golden potion?  I knew that cold-pressed oils are superior than hot-pressed oils since they retain more antioxidant and benefits. But I couldn’t find any literature for this product and there was no label on the back of the bottle. So I reached out to Natalie Cascella, the founder and President of Nuworld Botanicals for the low-down. She advised that this oil is a new item from their recently opened Raw Skincare Bar and shop in Oakville (for non-locals, Oakville is a lovely suburban town about 40km south of Toronto) – the oil is so new that it’s not even available for purchase online yet. Here’s what’s in this product, in Natalie’s words:

The face oil is one of our 3 house blends called “Balancing Face Oil Blend”- suitable for ALL skin types.
It’s 100% natural and pure oil blend, hand-crafted with just 5 cold-pressed and organic oils as follows:
Cold-pressed organic Jojoba Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil, Rosehip Oil, Meadowfoam Oil and Safflower Oil.
It’s packed with natural anti-oxidants and vitamins A, C, E plus Omega 3, 6, 9; rich in essential fatty acids (hence the plumping of the skin).
Use on face daily – day and night. A little goes a long way!

I only need 3 drops for my whole face.

I love that it contains simple, honest ingredients. And they work. I’ve been having some skin issues from travelling and the weather getting cooler – the texture of my skin felt rough and dehydrated. Over time, this oil helped to restore my skin and the texture has evened out. 🙂  I sometimes use this alone, or if I need extra moisture, I’ll apply a night cream on top so this acts as a serum.

I also noted that this oil doesn’t leave a shiny finish on the skin. This got me thinking – could I possibly use this oil for the day time? I decided to try mixing this into my foundation, which has been a hot beauty tip ever since Wayne Goss posted this video last year.
I decided to test it with Illamasqua Skin Base, which is a thicker texture foundation that can look cakey if not sheered out properly.
The incorporation of the Nuworld Botanicals Cold-pressed oil worked extremely well for this purpose too. It made the foundation apply smoothly and my skin felt hydrated all day.  I’m so happy to have tried this oil!

• Silky texture
• Absorbs quickly
• Leaves skin plump
• Fragrance-free
• Natural, organic ingredients

• Not widely available

Stash worthiness: 10/10

I always ask myself this question if I receive something for free – would I repurchase this with my own money? And with the case of this oil – YES, I would! This retails for C$28 for a 30 ml bottle which I think is incredibly reasonable. It is currently only available at the Raw Skincare Bar, but will soon be available for purchase online if you’re not able to trek to the Oakville store. I estimate a bottle would last around 6 months with daily use.
Other Nuworld Botanical products are available online, or from – I’ll be reviewing the other products I received coming up soon.

Note: this product was sent to me free of charge and I formed my own thoughts and opinions about it.

Do you use a face oil?  Have you ever used a product and fell in love with it the first time you used it?

31 thoughts on “Nuworld Botanicals Cold-pressed Organic Sea buckthorn & Jojoba oil

    1. I definitely change up my skincare for the transitional weather. The oil in foundation trick really works – I’ve tried it with other oils before but I found them too greasy. This one is perfection!


    1. I wasn’t a big fan Josie Maran’s too. It didn’t do much for my skin considering there’s so much hype. I hope you do give face oils another try – there are so many options available nowadays. Try your local health food store. 🙂


  1. The only oils I have found to be skin friendly (for me) are from Cedar + Stone. I do love that this one provides magic with 3 ingredients! It’s slightly cheaper too. I’m going to keep my eye out for availability here.

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    1. I’ve not heard of Cedar + Stone and I just had a peak at their site – looks great! And of course, it’s an Australian company – I find they’re always at the forefront of natural skincare. I hope NuWorld will have a wider distribution soon – does ship to the US.

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