OPI Cosmo with a Twist

I was reminded about this nail polish when I saw Rachael of HelplessWhistDrying post about OPI Russian Navy since I’ve seen comparisons between OPI Russian Navy, OPI Ink, and OPI Cosmo with a Twist.
I’d say Cosmo with a Twist is like a lovechild of Russian Navy (navy) and Ink (more purple) – it appears as both purple and navy with a hefty dose of shimmer.  This colour was released as part of the OPI Starlight collection for Holiday 2015.

In the bottle, it is full of multi-faceted shimmer:
It really does look like the cosmos when you stare intently into the bottle…
I would describe this colour has a royal purple base with blue and purple flecked shimmer.
I found the formula to be a little on the goopy side.
I loaded my brush with too much polish on my middle finger on the first coat. My ring finger is more representative of how this polish looks with one thin coat.  It’s definitely not a one-coater.
Once again, it’s one of those polishes that look exponentially more interesting in the bottle than on the nails.  It does shift from being a broody navy colour to a glimmering purple depending on the light – I tried to capture the colour in various lighting:

Early morning sun.
Midday sun.

I had to take a macro shot to really capture how the shimmer looks:
Cosmo with a Twist lasted amazingly well, I only experienced a tiny chip on left middle finger (which only happened on Day 7) and minor tip wear overall.
Removal of the polish required a little more effort due to the shimmer, but nothing like a full on glitter polish.

Today’s random object is my beloved owl letter opener:
It was an impulse purchase and I don’t regret it at all! It has a hefty weight to it and I feel so official when I open my letters with it. 🙂
Do people even use letter openers any more? I have an aversion to tearing open letters with fingers or keys or scissors or anything not designed to open letters. What are we, barbarians? 😛
I don’t wear these types of colour that often but I feel like deep colours like Cosmo with a Twist bring instant chic to the nails. What is your insta-chic nail polish?

40 thoughts on “OPI Cosmo with a Twist

  1. This colour in the bottle is so pretty, it looks like one of the Sephora X polishes I got last week which I’m totally expecting to turn out like yours does without the full bottle spectrum! From your swatches the shimmer in this looks more on the chunky side compared to russian navy or ink… so totally justifiable that I need this one right ha!

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    1. It’s not terrible on the nails, it still retains some of the interest, but in the bottle I feel like I’m looking at the galaxy!
      I don’t get actual letters… just bills and junk! 😛

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  2. Le sigh, another one of those polishes that are way more multi-faceted than on the nails. Reminds me a little of that Intergalactic shade we both bought from H&M. Regardless, it still does look super chic on you!

    Love that owl letter opener, it’s so fancy looking! I’m too impatient to use them – I tear open my letters like a barbarian!

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    1. You’d think we would learn? Nope! Yes, it is kind of like the H&M one. I’ll have to do comparisons. I’ve been slacking on the comparisons lately but my plan is to focus on them for next year! I bet I could do a post just on red creme polishes and include Essie A-List on there lol!

      You barbarian! I’m never that excited to open mail because it’s usually bills. 😛

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      1. I think we are just perpetually in search of a nail polish that will actually look like the cosmos on our nails! No shame in that, haha! I’m excited to see your comparisons post next week! Oh gosh, the red crème polishes! If I owned about 8 of those, you probably have 30!

        Yes, unfortunately 99% of my mail is bills, too, LOL.


  3. Letter openers are awesome, I always feel so refined when I use one. It dulls the pain of opening a bill ;] I love that polish, it definitely looks more magical in the bottle but it still looks beautiful on the nail.

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    1. Yes, that’s a good way of looking at it – opening a bill is never fun but hey, a pretty letter opener! 😛
      I like that this shade shifts colour on the nails – I catch myself staring at my nails when certain light hit it.

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  4. This colour looks exactly like W7 Metallic Jupiter (which I have somewhere – but there’s no point in my even trying to look for it…).

    I love the owl letter opener! I too don’t open letters using my fingers or keys – I use my husband. 😀 Well, I always give him all the mail and he deals with it…

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    1. Hahaha! I love how you delegate work! 😆 Well, my SO does all the cooking, so I don’t mind.

      I just did a search for W7 Metallic Jupiter and yes, it looks VERY similar to this shade! We don’t have W7 polishes here though!

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      1. Your SO does ALL the cooking? Wow! My husband can cook potatoes, rice, pasta… he can make scrambled eggs, he can make fried potatoes with scrambled eggs… but he’s not really into cooking. He does help me when I get home from work late. But it’s basic stuff, like cooking and dicing potatoes for potato salad… or cutting up veggies for a stir-fry. It’s great that he’s helping me with this, but sometimes I just want to come home, sit down, eat, watch a cartoon, have a bath and go to bed. But there’s always so much to do and so much to take care of…

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        1. Yes, he does 99% of the cooking. He enjoys it. From getting inspiration, to meal planning, to grocery shopping, to doing the actual cooking – he does it ALL. Sometimes I will take photos and post on IG! 😉
          I’m his “sous chef” because I will sometimes help with prep work – he hates cutting up stuff and I enjoy it so I’ll help him (so we’re opposite of you). And for Sunday brunch I always blend the smoothies and make the pancakes, that’s about it! He’s so easy to shop for because it usually a cookbook, or some kitchen gadget. 😛

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