Sephora VIB Sale Fall 2016 Haul

And here’s the reckoning. Truth time: I placed 3 orders online and made 1 in-store purchase. 😀
I requalified for VIB Rouge for next year again! But, not because of my own purchases, but my friends pooled their purchases with mine (I’d say the breakdown was 30% me, 70% them). At this rate, I’ll requalify for VIB Rouge every year! 😆 I’ll just showing the items I bought for myself, not ones for my friends.

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Nordstrom Toronto Beauty Department – First Impressions and Haul

Finally, Nordstrom is open in Toronto! I was away on vacation when it officially opened but as soon as I had the chance, I went over to check out the Toronto Eaton Centre store, primarily for their beauty department!
And, I also bought a couple of items. 😉

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Mediterranean Cruise Makeup Haul

You know, I really didn’t set out to haul makeup during my cruise trip but then Ms Polished and Inspired reminded me that makeup purchases made while on vacation do not count toward my Low-Buy, so thoughts of makeup seeped into brain while I was vacationing in the Mediterranean. I blame her. Here’s the damage:
Honestly, not too bad. 😛

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Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care Haul

I blame this Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care haul squarely on Dal of Little Beauty Loves! She mentioned this brand when she was on the Beauty Podcast, then she posted a blog post on it. Based on her rave recommendations, I had no choice but to place an order over the August long weekend:

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Non-beauty Japan Haul

Here’s a bit of a throw back Thursday post. It’s been nearly 2 months since I returned from Japan!  Here are some non-beauty bits I picked up from Japan.

I didn’t do much clothing shopping in Japan. There wasn’t a ton there that I couldn’t get here at home. Although, I was a big fan of their style: the standard outfit consisted of elastic waist a-line skirt and a loose boxy top, worn with platform wedge sandals or Birkenstocks. It was all about comfort! 🙂


I was so excited to stumble on the Liberty of London x Uniqlo while I was there! I ended up buying 2 items from the collection:

“Relaco” culottes – these are so comfy! (culottes are very popular in Japan, I noticed)

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Birthday Haul ft Charlotte Tilbury and Shu Uemura

You didn’t think I wouldn’t take advantage of my birthday as an excuse to buy makeup, right? 😛 I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks:
I haven’t gone back to the Charlotte Tilbury counter since my last birthday, so I suppose it’s an annual tradition?

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MUJI Haul – June 2016

Technically I bought these items in June but it doesn’t contain any makeup so there was no need to include it in my low-buy accountability.  I bought these items when I went to MUJI to buy the prizes for the giveaway and of course I can’t help but to pick up a few things for moi as well…

More detailed pictures and descriptions

Winners Finds – May 2016

I’m really back-logged with my posts as you can see, as this was meant to be posted before I left for vacation, but I didn’t have time to take photos. Ah well, better late than never! 😉

So I wasn’t really planning on doing much makeup shopping before my trip but I’ve been finding some AMAZING stuff at Winners! I just couldn’t NOT buy this stuff:
Burberry! Armani! Nars! Paul & Joe! Nail polishes from the newest collections! I couldn’t even fit everything into the frame.  😀  I’ll start off with the craziest (aka the best!) things:

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Avon Calling – June 2016

I’ve fallen into the trap of ordering Avon again. They’ve got the cycle down pat: when I receive my items, they always include the latest Avon catalogue – and of course, I always flip through the catalogues – who doesn’t like to look through a mini magazine of makeup? Here are my recent orders:
I ordered these in May and received them when I returned from my trip.

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Lancome Haul – May 2016

Ok, back to regular programming on the blog for a bit. I’m really backlogged from my May posts. I did a bunch of makeup hauls right before my vacation that I need to catch up on before the end of the month so I can get back into my groove. 😛

Lancôme isn’t a brand that I normally get too excited over, and I’m not sure why. But one fateful Sunday in late May right before my vacation, I went into Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some shaving gel for the SO and stumbled upon a beauty event where there was a live DJ and mocktails being served. They were having a bonus points weekend and there was also a gwp at Lancôme. So I ended up with these:
Yes, yet another palette! What’s happening to me?!  This was a completely unplanned beauty purchase. I blame the lychee mocktail they plyed me with. 😉

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