Beauty Hacks

This is a list of beauty related “hacks” – just tips and tricks that are inexpensive, and perhaps a little unconventional. There are all things I use on a regular basis that have been helpful to my beauty routine – I hope you get some new ideas!

Note that I’ve gleaned some of these ideas from various online sources over the years, and some I’ve dreamed up myself.

Clear cellophane tape – to remove flaky skin from my face!  No amount of AHA or exfoliation can get rid of 100% of flaky skin during the winter months on me (especially around my nose area).  This quick little trick has helped foundations to apply smoothly even if my skin wasn’t perfect initially.  Make sure to get the glossy cellophane tape, not the magic (matte) tape, as the glossy tape is slightly more tacky and will pick up more.  I just get it from the dollar store so it’s not super high quality and it’s not crazy sticky like packing tape or duct tape.  Do a test patch to make sure your skin can tolerate this.

Translucent loose face powder – as eyelash primer.  Dust a light coating of loose face powder onto bare lashes, after curling them and just before applying mascara.  Then apply mascara on top as usual.  This acts as a lash primer to help bulk up the lashes to add volume.  I prefer loose powder over pressed powder since there are less binding ingredients with loose powder, so there is less chance of getting clumpy lashes.

Pressed face powder – in a pinch, use your existing pressed face powder as your eye shadow transition shade.  I do this often whenever I’m travelling to save space in my makeup bag.  To take it a step further, you can also buy a face powder a shade or 2 darker than your skin tone to use as a deeper transition shade.  Usually this is much less expensive per gram than buying an eye shadow (and it could double up as a bronzer).

Toilet paper – instead of facial tissue.  I use TP to wipe brushes between blending, or to clean product off my fingers when using primers or spot concealing. Toilet paper is preferable over facial tissue paper as they’re the perfect size for brushes, and with daily usage, less wasteful and less costly.  I also use it to blot my foundation of excess oils just before applying my finishing powder. I experimented with several brands before I arrived at the optimal one: Charmin Ultra Strong – it is the least linty and most tear resistant and absorbent of all the ones I’ve tried.

Photo courtesy of wikihow

Spatula – for applying moisturizer to my back.  Yes!  I discovered this only recently when my back was getting super itchy and I just could not reach to apply moisturizer.  So like a Primate developing tools, I sought out a device that would help me reach my back.  Enter the Betty Crocker silicone spatula ($2 Dollarama).  This is the perfect tool for applying moisturizer because it doesn`t absorb any of the lotion, and the flexible material mimics that of a hand.  There is a bit of a learning curve to using a mirror to guide in the application, but not having an itchy dry back is totally worth it!

Do you have any beautyhacks?  Please share!

17 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks

  1. These are great! I also love using just plain scotch tape to help apply winged eyeliner and create a sharp smokey eye. I use a small piece of tape and apply it on a diagonal from the outer corner of my eye up to the end of my brow and when you peel it off after applying eyeshadow, it creates a beautiful sharp edge.

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  2. I would have never thought to use a spatula, but my arms reach all the way back so maybe it’s cause there’s been no necessity to beg the mother of invention. HOWEVER try using a paper towel instead of toilet paper to clean brushes. The ridges cling onto the color just a bit better! Also, bronzing powder is great as a transition shade too 🙂 This was so fun!

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    1. Do you have monkey arms? 😮
      I tried the paper towel before but I find I waste a lot of it. I use a new brush every day for eye makeup so it’s not necessary to get them THAT clean. 😛
      Thanks for the tip about the bronzer! 🙂 Smart!


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