5 Pastel nail polishes

In keeping with the Easter and Spring theme, I thought I’d showcase 5 pastel nail polishes from my stash:
Thumb to pinky: Essie Pink-a-Boo, Revlon Apricot Pastry, Illamasqua Milf, Mary Kay Blue Lotus, Essence A Lovely Secret.

L to R: Essie Pink-a-Boo, Revlon Apricot Pastry, Illamasqua Milf, Mary Kay Blue Lotus, Essence A Lovely Secret.

Essie Pink-a-Boo #793 which is described as “a sheer pink with glittery sparkle” on Essie’s site. I would further elaborate to say that it’s a sheer milky pink with glittery blue and bright pink sparkle.

The shimmer is difficult to capture, this is the best angle to show it.

Revlon scented nail polish in Apricot Pastry – beyond the novelty factor of the scent (which is only evident when the polish is dried, but can be smelled even underneath a top coat) this range of nail polishes are decent quality (this is pre-Parfumerie version).  Apricot Pastry a yellow toned peach shade that’s quite sheer but applies effortlessly, and smells like apricots.
Illamasqua Milf – oh Illamasqua’s sexually charged colour names give Nars a run for their money.  Wait til I do more Untrieds, you’ll see what I mean.  This shade is described as a “bright mint creme” which is probably overselling it a little – it’s not that bright.  It’s a nice crisp, clean mint shade.

Mary Kay Blue Lotus is a soft blue with a slight white opalescent sheen from the Zen in Bloom Spring 2013 collection.  This polish is surprisingly opaque in 1 coat, however, due to slight streakiness, I needed 2 coats to level it.

Essence “A Lovely Secret” – a lavender with fuchsia shimmer

Essence Colour To Go in “A Lovely Secret” #86 is a lavender with purple and fuchsia shimmer shot through it.  I feel like this shade could have mutated through production runs because most online photos and reviews do not mention the fuchsia shimmer, even though it’s pretty apparent in the bottle (but not so much once applied).

The Illamasqua Milf and Mary Kay Blue Lotus are from my Untrieds pile, whereas the others I’ve worn before.  All are shown with 2 coats except for Essie Pink-a-Boo and Revlon Apricot Pastry, which required 3 coats.

I ended up wearing Essie Pink-a-Boo as my Easter weekend manicure:

The bright pink shimmer is evident on my thumb, while the blue shimmer shows up on my finger at the right photo. This polish is aptly named “Pink-a-Boo” with it shifting subtle shimmer!

Out of these 5 pastel shades, I would wear the pink, peach and lavender on my fingers whereas I would only wear the green and blue on my toes.

Any pastel polishes that you’re enjoying right now?

14 thoughts on “5 Pastel nail polishes

    1. Essence polishes are a great pick-me-up! Inexpensive and generally good quality. I like that they’re smaller bottles, I mean, who really uses up an entire bottle of nail polish?


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