MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow will be PERMANENT!

I just saw on Allura Beauty that MAC is making the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows permanent!  You may recall from my Top 10 MAC eye shadows post that I love this formula and one of the shades in my top 10 is an Extra Dimension formula.
I won’t regurgitate Allura Beauty’s post here, but the pertinent details are:
• Price: $20.00 UDD / $24.00 CAD
• Availability: Online April 30th, 2015; in-stores on May 7th, 2015 (North America); May 2015 (international)
• 18 colour collection: all shades have been released as limited edition shades previously, no new shades

MAC describe the Extra Dimension formula as:

Our unique liquid-powder hybrid formula, delivering high-resolution colour and prismatic reflections in versatile finishes with up to six hours of colour coverage.

I personally really like the Extra Dimension formula because it is silky and pigmented, with multi-coloured shimmers that make it more interesting than a regular frost formula – and they can be used wet or dry.  Besides eye shadows, the Extra Dimension formula is also available in blush, and bronzer/highlight shades (or as MAC calls them “Skinfinishes”).  MAC has released the Extra Dimension formula in the following collections:
• In Extra Dimension 2012 (original collection – the pans are larger with 2g of product vs 1.3g later on)
• Glamour Daze 2012
• In Extra Dimension 2013
• Magnetic Nude 2013
• Alluring Aquatics 2014
• Holiday Keepsakes Eye Kits 2014

I own quite a few of the Extra Dimension eyeshadows already, so I do not feel a pang of lust over this collection, especially since these are now permanent. Below are the promotional images for the permanent collection which I labelled with the corresponding shade names, and when they were released previously.  I’ve starred each of the shades I own:
You can check out swatches and ratings of the whole collection on Temptalia’s overview post.  I also own a few shades from the limited edition releases that didn’t make the cut into the permanent collection.  I noticed that they did not make “Lorelei” from the Alluring Aquatics collection permanent – it was a much loved and well reviewed shade, which I do own.  I guess another beigey shade, Sweet Heat, won out.  I am also a bit puzzled as to why MAC didn’t re-release “Modern Pewter” which was another much coveted shade, from the original “In Extra Dimension” collection.  I don’t own it and I wish I had bought it!

The shades that I will be picking up next year when my No-Buy is over are:
• Sweet Heat
• Smoky Mauve
• Fathoms Deep or Legendary Lure (can’t decide if I would wear a navy or a forest green more)

Now if only MAC would make the Extra Dimension blushes permanent too!

I hope this post was helpful for any of you looking to pick up some of the MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadows.  Do you own any Extra Dimension eyeshadows?

22 thoughts on “MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow will be PERMANENT!

  1. I don’t own any, but just the pretty packaging on the eyeshadow itself is so magical looking. The shades look good too! I wouldn’t know which one I’d want, but I have all the time in the world since they are permanent.

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    1. Yes, you have all the time in the world to get them… until MAC discontinues them! lol Yes the wave design on the eye shadow really brings out the multi-dimensional look of the shades. I just love them! I’ll be doing an overview with swatches of my MAC Extra Dimension collection in the near future. 🙂


  2. These shadows look so beautiful – I don’t own any Mac shadows as I never thought they were very exciting – this may have changed that though – I might have to pick me up a couple of these xx

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