Saje Natural Wellness facial mists

I recently discovered the Canadian brand Saje, which sells products that promotes natural wellness.  I had never heard of the brand until I encountered it at its new location inside Toronto Eaton Centre.  Although the primary focus of the store is on their essential oils and aromatherapy, I was immediately drawn to their skincare section.  I was half in the market for a new facial spray since I was finishing up my favourite Sukin one and I was out of facial mists – I was all set to simply buy a replacement of the Sukin rather than try something new.  But then I spied a host of facial mists at Saje and was so won over by them that I bought 2:
Rose Hydrating Euphoric Mist ($14.95 for 100ml) and Jasmine Exotic Mist ($12.95 for 100ml).   I keep the Rose at home and the Jasmine for the office.

The bottles are made of high quality tinted glass for that old fashioned apothecary look. My favourite part of the bottle is the spray pump – it delivers the perfect ultra-fine mist that make most other facial mists feel like taking a hose to the face.
I’m definitely keeping the empty bottles to reuse.

I love how short the ingredient lists are:
Rose Hydrating Euphoric Mist: distilled water & essential oil of rose
Jasmine Exotic Mist: purified water; essential oil of jasmine.
They’re both nice mists to add a bit of moisture to the skin – they’re not as hydrating compared to mists that contain glycerin or hyaluronic acid, but I would say they are akin to using an Avène or Evian spray.  The Rose one I use as my morning skin prep, just before I apply my serum, and the Jasmine one I use to refresh my face if it’s getting dehydrated from the dry office air. I was instructed to inhale deeply when I spritz them to get the added aromatherapy benefits – they both smell AMAZING!
Bonus: I impulse purchased this “Relax O Ring” ($4.95)
It’s coiled spring with irregular spikes and according to the enclosed literature, by rolling the ring up and down various fingers, it will stimulate different internal organs. For instance, rolling it up and down the middle finger will stimulate the liver and gall bladder, and help with  haematopoiesis, detoxification, conversion of nutrients.  I’ve tested it out a few times and it does feel relaxing (not painful) – I mainly got the ring to keep at my desk so that when I’m on conference calls I have something with fiddle with. 😉
(The nail polish shade I’m wearing is Essie Comfy in Cashmere – I’ll be posting about the baffling Cashmere Matte formula later this week.)

I can’t wait to try more skincare from Saje next year!  On my list are Sensitive Elixir Calming Skin Serum ($19.95 for 30ml) and Herbal Balm ($9.95 for 15ml).  And I’m considering getting their natural deodorants after reading this post from Style Domination – I’ve been wanting to use more natural underarm products and this sounds great.

Do you use facial mists? Have you ever heard of Saje?

39 thoughts on “Saje Natural Wellness facial mists

  1. Funny that you should make a post about Saje…I walked past one of their stores in a mall this weekend and thought I should try one of their products some day, but would have to do some research first. The selection seems a little overwhelming! It always smells like heaven when I walk by, though.

    Also, beautiful nails!

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    1. Yes the scent is what drew me in initially. The store reminded me of Aveda but they sell quite different products. I love the idea of aromatherapy but I’m too lazy to actually keep it up. I definitely recommend you go in and try some of these mists – they’re not too expensive either. Oh and I should have mentioned that they give you a little reusable tote made of jute (or something):

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  2. I’ve actually never really tried a facial mist, but I am very interested in these! You’re absolutely right! The ingredients are amazing, considering they aren’t adding in a butt-load of chemicals!
    Also, I nominated you for the “That Kind of Person Tag” though, a lot of the questions are similar to your “100 questions no body asks” tag, so I won’t be offended if you skip it! 😉 😛

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  3. Never heard of the brand !!! Love the bottle, the ingredients & the pricing … I’m more into natural skincare these days !!! Thanks for sharing . I’ll ask Sharon if she finds it in Montréal;)

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  4. aaaaah! I am a sucker for facial mists!!! So happy to hear that the mist dispenser is fine… can’t wait to try them 🙂

    A GREAT natural deo is Lavillin (… I only have to apply it every other day! & another line I like has clay for absorbing power ( I ❤ ❤ ❤ the original scent!!!! but it comes in other nice flavours too.

    You can get both at Noah's but wait until the last friday of the month when the whole store is 10% for customer appreciation day 😉 They always announce it on facebook

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    1. I’ve heard of Lavillin but not the Adama Minerals. Thanks! I shall check out Noahs. I didn’t know they did that promotion on the last Friday of the month – thanks for letting me know!
      Have you been to Saje? I can’t wait to go back, they’re expanding a lot it seems.


      1. I just went to check it yesterday!!! My friends out west go on & on about their essential oil blends & nebulizers but my sniffer got overwhelmed by all the choices (even with the coffee “palate cleanser”) & they all started smelling the same 😛

        There are so many mists to choose from, I didn’t even make it through the store. The ones you picked are the lightest & quite lovely 🙂

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        1. Yes there are way too many mists – I just focused on a few that I knew I’d like. But yeah, there are SO many things to sniff in there it’s easy to get desensitized! I can’t wait to go back next year.


  5. I have actually never tried a facial most! What are the benefits to using them?? I have seen the rose water ones from Mario badescu and Evian but I have never known how/when to use them!

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    1. I use facial mists for 2 purposes: 1 as a pre-serum skin hydrator, and 2 as a refresher during the day. A lot of the serums I use contain hyaluronic acid which binds to moisture to boost hydration so spraying water onto the skin beforehand helps the serum do its plumping magic. For refreshing the skin – a lot of times my skin will look really dehydrated in the afternoon because of the dry air in the office. A spritz of facial mist helps to freshen up the skin. 🙂 I have combo skin so it’s not only for people with dry skin.

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      1. Maybe I will have to try it! I find I could use that occasionally after a work day to give some life back to my foundation. Thanks for the tip!


  6. It’s just…water and oil? 😀 DIY time! LOL. But seriously, the product is so appealing. I’m pretty tempted.

    I’ve been using “natural” deodorants for a while (mainly to get away from the aluminum…not sure how dangerous that stuff is, but I guess it can’t hurt to avoid it) and I have to say that they don’t work great for me. I use them on days I’m taking it easy, or just at home, so I don’t have to worry about smelling. Secret gets used on sweaty days.

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    1. I know, this is totally DIY-able. But those bottles! Maybe I can refill them with my own concoctions. 😀
      I’m SO sweaty – I don’t think I can fully convert to natural deodorants, I really do need anti-antiperspirant. I’ve used natural deodorants in the past but like you, I reserve them for low-key days.

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      1. Haha, I actually feel that most of the natural deodorants make me smell worse than if I use nothing! I’m pretty dry 😦 But somehow it feels wrong to use nothing…


  7. I love Saje products! I’m not big into aromatherapy either but I received one of their nebulizers as a gift a few years ago and I love it. I use it mostly in the colder months and its such a nice alternative to candles. Particularly great if you’re sick and use the Peppermint Twist diffuser blend.

    Never tried their facial sprays but glad to hear they work well! I have the Relaxoring too and it totally works. I keep it on my nightstand and use it if I can’t fall asleep. 🙂

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