CoverGirl Being Blonde

Finally, a mani on a Monday. An actual Mani Monday! 😛

This is the nail polish that was one of my favourite nail polish discoveries of 2016 and I even made the bold claim that it’s the best formula I’ve tried all year – it is: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in #95 Being Blonde.

The CoverGirl Outlast line of nail polishes don’t get talked about much, and I’m not sure why. I’ve now tried 3 different colours and the formulas on all of them have been outstanding. I hauled a bunch of them earlier this year based on the stellar formula.  There are 38 shades in the range:

For some reason, I’ve not seen these polishes in stores, only online.

The shade Being Blonde is a beautiful metallic mauve-y rose gold that is work-appropriate but also provides an edgy look.

The finish is metallic but not mirror shine so it’s more forgiving with brush strokes. This formula is everything I wanted Essie’s Penny Talk to be – that polish is so finicky – it demands a steady hand and perfectly smooth surface. CG Being Blonde looks fine even if you’re sick and have a shaky hand (which was the case when I did these swatches 😛 ).

The brush is slightly flattened and not too wide – I prefer the non-wide brushes personally. Sometimes those “pro-wide” ones are too large for my nail beds.  Unfortunately, the square cap isn’t the kind that can be removed to reveal a smaller handle (like Burberry or Illamasqua). I find these kinds of “fat caps” to be unwieldy.  I do like the square, squat bottle – very easy to store! 🙂

This could be a one coater if you don’t tend to apply very thin layers. Notice my ring finger is a bit on the sheer side as I did a thinner layer on that one.

I find this polish to dry very quickly, as is typical of metallic finish polishes. One caveat I would add is that due to the metallic finish of this polish, I would recommend a good base coat, otherwise ridges could show.  I use Orly Bonder for all of my manicures.

This shade would be flattering on most skin tones, as it isn’t overly warm or cool.  The polish lasts amazingly well – full 7 days with no chips. It removes easily with nail polish remover.

Today’s random item is this tulip purse mirror that I bought in Chinatown:

I enjoy the design of the petals, they’re asymmetrical when opened:

…but when closed, it forms the tulip shape:

Simple but smart design. 🙂

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss retails for $5.99 for a 11ml bottle and are made in France.

I love CoverGirl Being Blonde so much that I’ve purchased 2 bottles for back-up. 😉  As I said in that post, if forced to work just one nail polish for the rest of this year, Being Blonde would be it!  What’s your absolute favourite polish right now?

48 thoughts on “CoverGirl Being Blonde

  1. Very pretty! I’ll be honest: I haven’t really tried a CoverGirl polish in probably ten years or more. I do have a couple of these Outlasts tucked away (I got them from SaleEvent!) so OK, you’ve convinced me. I’ll try them out ASAP! This color is gorgeous, too.

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    1. There’s just something about this colour that suits me so well! I have a few other rose golds but this just has that something that edges them out.
      Oh too bad about Max Factor polishes being sucky – wonder why they didn’t just use the CG formula! “If it ain’t broke…”

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  2. Oooh, I love this rose gold-ish shade! Your nail polish application is flawless!
    I totally remember seeing this line in the clearance bin at Shoppers a while back, but I didn’t see anything that caught my eye at the time. Too bad, should’ve picked some up!

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    1. It’s honestly not so much my application method but this polish! It’s very forgiving!
      It’s weird that CG doesn’t seem to have much luck with nail polishes. They had that Big XL gel line before and those are gone. But other drugstore brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, Rimmel – all seem to be doing fine with their nail polish lines.


  3. Very nice. I didn’t even know CG did nail polishes – shows how much attention I pay to things other than makeup. 🙂
    I’ve been hesitating over getting Essie’s penny talk for awhile, as I rarely have good luck with metallic polishes, but maybe I’ll give this one a try – and a couple other colours, while I’m there.
    (Also – good job on the mani. Mine usually end up a little messier around the cuticles.)


  4. I can’t just pick one favorite! But this one looks great. I have something similar by Catrice, but that is pretty thick and streaky to apply. But some of my favorites right now are soft pastel shades. I loved the collection OPI came out a while back, but I also love me some Barry M.

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    1. Of course you’d have to name Barry M – it’s very difficult to get that brand here! I think I have one nail polish from them, a peachy shade. I should wear it again – the formula was really nice.


  5. Such a beautiful colour! I can see why you like it so much. One of my favourite colours right now would have to be the silver shade in Orly’s 3D Pixel range. Silver suits my pale skin tone and the glitter is not too gritty 🙂

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    1. Ooh I just looked up the Orly 3D Pixel collection – how fun! I like silver but they have to be more on the shimmery side rather than a foil or metallic – I find them TOO strong sometimes.

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      1. It’s kind of similar to OPI’s liquid sand texture but not as rough. I don’t like silvers that look like aluminium foil, I imagine they’d streak like crazy!


  6. I haven’t tried CoverGirl before at all mainly cos it’s not readily available here, but I completely agree with what you said about the Essie polish. They require a lot of work and concentration for the nails to look good without being streaky/uneven!

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    1. I tried so hard to make that Essie polish work! It looked terrible the couple of times I wore it. I heard people say to sponge it on the nails which creates a brushed chrome effect. I haven’t tried that method yet but I might.


  7. That color looks absolutely amazing on your nails!

    I wonder if they changed the cap, because you used to be able to remove the top! They are/were a complete pita to remove, it felt like you needed to be Hercules to actually get the da**ed thing off. I actually ended up throwing away the top from all my full-sized Covergirl polishes because they annoyed me so much 😛

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    1. Oh man, I wish the cap was still removable! I tried, trust me. After you read your comment, I dug out a few and tried to remove the outer cap again – nope! I inspected the inner design of the cap and it is all one piece. Phooey.

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