Rewards to myself for sticking to my yearlong No-Buy

I had mentioned before that I would treat myself after my No-Buy was over. And I wanted to make sure the rewards weren’t makeup.  So here’s what I’ve bought as rewards for successfully completing my No-Buy:

1) Longchamp Large Planetes Tote
I resisted the Longchamp tote for years. Everyone and their grandmas have one! I toyed with buying a limited edition design a few years back but just couldn’t justify the purchase. Then my friend’s niece visited Paris recently and my friend asked if I was interested in this bag (she owns it and I gushed over it) since it’s cheaper there. I like that it’s not a common style since it’s all black. I LOVE this bag – it’s so sturdy and holds everything I need for work. ❤

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Trash Stash 2015 summary

A “side effect” of my No-Buy was the opportunity to dig into my stash and use up what I already owned.  I didn’t imagine that I would actually go through so many products each month! And now looking at the full year as a whole, I’m quite proud of my accomplishments. 😀
12 months’ worth of empties!

Stats of my Trash Stash:
• I documented 173 finished products during 2015 (133 were full-size products and 40 were sample / travel size)
• On average, I finished 14.4 products (full and sample size) each month
• The highest number of products I used up was 28 in October and the lowest was 7 (Jan and Feb tied)
• The average rating I gave to all the products was 7.8 out of 10
• Skincare was the main product type I finished up (46%) followed by body / hair products (36%) and then makeup [mostly mascaras and base products] (18%)
• I noted that I would repurchase 52% of what I used up, 38% I would not repurchase, and 10% I may repurchase

However it’s important to note that many of the items that I wouldn’t repurchase do not necessarily mean I don’t like the products… many of the products are discontinued and I can’t repurchase! 😳

If you’ve missed any of my empties / Trash Stash post, here they all are:

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Happy New Year! And a new focus for 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!
I wish you the best in health and happiness for 2016! 🙂

I mentioned yesterday that January is probably the worst time to start a No-Buy since there are so many temptations with clearance sales and the winter months are ripe for hibernating and shopping.  And that’s why, for 2016, I’ve decided to do something slightly different – a LOW Buy instead of a No Buy. 😀

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Last day of my 2015 No-Buy!

Phew! Time to do a jig!
I can’t believe I lasted this long!  As much as the New Year is the time to make resolutions and start something new, in hindsight, I think starting a No-Buy is really difficult during January clearance sales! 😛

Lessons learned:
• Shopping my stash is enjoyable
• I have a LOT of makeup
• It gets easier as the time passes (ie. practice not shopping)
• Purging / de-stashing is good for the soul
• There are loopholes 😉

If you want to revisit some of my trials and tribulations during my 2015 No-Buy, check out these posts:

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Sephora VIB $20 off $50

Like clockwork this offer dropped in my inbox on Tuesday. I guess Sephora is pretty regimented in their annual offers – unless they want customers to revolt!  I offered my Sephora VIB coupon to my coworker who wanted to buy some Christmas presents so we went off to the mall on Friday to shop and this is what she bought:

Marc Jacobs Decadence (will you just look at the bottle? It’s like a purse! I love it.)

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Pants Party!

Before we get to the Pants Party, I want to acknowledge that today is my 300 Days of Makeup No-Buy!!! And this will be my final No-Buy badge before I’m finished my yearlong ban.
I’m SO psyched to be finished my No-Buy, you can’t even imagine! 😀
Random: Did you know that in 10 pin bowling, 300 is the perfect score? This is achieved by getting a strike 12 times in a row. 😮

So, I recently bought FOUR pairs of pants!  I haven’t bought pants in ages.  Hence, the Pants Party:
That’s Brick, from Anchor Man… I just couldn’t help myself, heh. 😛

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Blogger Recognition Award and 250 Days of No-Buy

Today marks my 250 Days of No-Buy! 😀
Fun fact: As a Mandarin slang term, the number “250” (二百五 èrbǎiwǔ) is an insult meaning “stupid person” or “simpleton”. 😕

I was nominated sextuply (yes that’s the word) recently for the Blogger Recognition Award – first by Katie of Plus+Beauty, secondly by Chris of fivezero, thirdly by Janella of Skin Diary, fourthly by Joy of StyledWithJoy, fifthly by Chic and Polished, and finally by Polished and Inspired! 😀

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How to Sanitize Makeup

Say you’ve just decluttered a whole bunch of your makeup, and you’re planning on giving them away.  Or conversely, you participated in a swap, and you received gently used makeup – how do you sanitize makeup?
sanitize makeup
I’ve participated in MUA swaps way back in the day, and have given away lots  of my makeup to friends. I generally keep my makeup in very clean condition, but it is still prudent to sanitize everything before you give them away. Here are some items you will need:

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The Purge: makeup edition

Hello! I’m back from vacation – I’ll post some pics from the trip by the end of the week. Today I’m back with a bang! Over the Labour Day long weekend, I spent hours going through my stash to declutter items that I no longer use.  Today, I bring you: The Purge!  I toyed with doing an elimination style competition for items in my makeup stash, but decided it would take too long.  And like removing a Band-Aid, makeup purging – while painful – should be done quickly.  Many of these items had been contemplated before and made it back into the fold because I had talked myself out of purging them.  This time, I’m being ruthless!  These are all being purged from my stash:
The Purge

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My Deborah Lippmann neutral polishes

Today’s entry was prompted by THIS post from fivezero, showing the new Deborah Lippmann Fall 2015 collection called “Undressed”, which caused my face to go like this:
oh my gawd
Just look at this range of neutral gorgeousness:

Deborah Lippmann Undressed
Deborah Lippmann Undressed limited edition set

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