Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral shimmer palette

Yet another Targetgate™ item up for review, the Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral shimmer 03 eye shadow palette ($20 Target).  I originally was on the hunt for the all matte version of this palette but since they were all sold out, I settled for the shimmer one.  The palette contains 12 individual shadows of 0.8g each for a total of 9.6g.  The shades range from a light champagne to a deep smokey charcoal.  The palette is aptly named as the neutral palette as it has a blend of warm and cool shades but overall, the palette is neutral.

Warning: do not use on lip area. (Click to enlarge for ingredient list)

The palette came completely shrink wrapped but for some reason there’s a smudge mark on the middle pan, top row.

The top 2 rows consist mostly of light to medium neutral shades.  My favourite of this grouping are the lower 3, especially #4 and #6.  Both are smooth and pigmented, and individually, can work as a single shadow eye look.
But my favourites out of this whole palette are contained in the bottom portion – #8 through #11 are my kind of taupey shades (#9 hubada hubada!)   These all apply well onto the lids and blend beautifully.  A couple of the shades (#8 and #10) are a touch chalkier with less pigmentation relative to the rest, but they’re not terrible by any means.

I’m honestly very surprised at how much I like this palette – I wore it straight for a week to test it, but even after the mandated trial week was over, I found myself still reaching for this palette.  Aside from not having any mattes, it’s still a versatile palette for casual looks (top rows) or creating dramatic smokey look (bottom rows).  The shadows are good quality – they wore well through the day with slight fading but no creasing – I would compare the quality to that of Inglot or NYX.

• inexpensive ($2.08 per gram)
• pigmented
• smooth formula, easy to blend
• versatile colours
• slim palette, approx 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 3/8″

• all shimmers (and it’s clearly stated in the palette name, nothing a matte transition shade can’t fix)
• some fading after 8 hour wear (on top of eye shadow primer / base)

Stash worthiness: 8/10

Update! Just as I’m updating this entry in preparation to schedule the post, I drop this palette on the floor while being my clumsy self and this is the aftermath:
Warning: this palette may not be suitable for clumsy people or traveling on safari. See how dedicated I am to testing ALL aspects of a product for review?  Drop test included.  You’re welcome. *cries* RIP not so lucky #7.

24 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk eye on neutral shimmer palette

  1. At least your favorite number 9 is still in tact! You are dedicated to the review to “include” a drop test! 😉 I always hear about the matte version and was able to try it out. I had no idea they did shimmers as well. Good review girl!

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  2. just picked up this palette (and 7 other items) from Sonia Kashuk for a grand total of $7. Each item averaged 90 cents. Was the last day of Targets existence in Canada and the makeup was 90% off or if you bought 10 or more pieces it was 95% off.

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    1. Wow, lucky you! I know that at my local Target they only had 2 of these palettes left when I went and nothing was on sale yet. I know they would not have had this when the discounts were so low. That’s amazing you got such a great deal! What other makeup items did you buy?


  3. I did make one last stop at Target before they closed & picked this palette up, as well as the matte neutral palette & a few of this brand’s brushes. Both palettes are really nice in terms of pigmentation & staying power. The sales before they shut down really weren’t that great, though. Oh well, going to IMATS again this year so I’ll be buying a fair amount there at their huge discounts, especially MUF products at 40% off, which is their usual discount price at their Canada shows.

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    1. I’ve never been to IMATS! Is it really worth it? I just hear of all the stories of merchants selling out their top products very early on and only the crappy stuff is left over.
      You’re lucky you got the matte version… I really wanted that one.


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