Rain, rain, go away

I finally got myself a pair of proper rain boots, albeit not by Hunter, or the standard tall style. I have an aversion to wearing super heavy clunky boots – I’ve tried on Hunters and I feel like I’ve got cement blocks on my feet.  So I opted for something shorter (I mean, just how often am I wadding in knee-deep puddles in the city?) – they’re waterproof, so they get the job done. I haven’t owned rain boots since I was young:
Capelli Matte Blossom rain boots w/ ankle strap – $30 from Winners

I’ve worn them a few times now and I quite like them – they’re not too heavy or cumbersome. There have removable insoles and a bit of arch support.  And I like that they’re a bit fun with the print but not overly loud.

Do you rock rain boots? What are yours like?

17 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. I still need a pair, but I love the look of Hunter boots! I haven’t tried a pair on yet though. If probably opt for taller because they’re more flattering on my leg shape, but I do like the color and floral design of yours!

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  2. Those are so cute! Great score at Winners. I’ve had the same pair for prob 10 yrs or something: blue/teal Tretorns that are half-height. (Regular tall rain boots are too tall for shorty me.) I wore them yesterday. Basically, I only wear them two or three times a year!

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    1. Tretorns! Wow, that brings back memories! Tretorn sneakers were all the rage. You’ve had them for 10 years? That really speaks volumes about the quality. My friends bought some cheap rain boots from Joe Fresh and the rubber cracked and peeled after only 1 year.


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