Untrieds: Revlon ColorStay Bare Bones

I picked this up while Revlon was clearing out the ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel and replacing them with the ColorStay Gel Envy version. I have yet to try the Gel Envy but the bottles look nearly identical and I suspect the “new” polishes aren’t really all that different.
Bare Bones #300 is a slightly yellow / green (khaki?) tinged tan cream shade.  It’s a bit ugly in the bottle but what drew me was that it was an unusual but still neutral (read: work appropriate) shade.  For $3, I thought why not.

Two coats shown, with Poshe top coat.  It applies lighter in colour than what it looks like in the bottle.  In certain lights, the green tinge is not apparent at all.  The formula applied fairly well – first coat yielded some bald spots but a second coat resolved it.
The wider brush is good – not too wide that it’s too broad for my pinkie.  If you look closely at the brush base, it’s actually 2 smaller grouping of bristles, like 2 regular polish brushes side by side.

The polish has incredible staying power – I wore this for full 7 days with my usual base coat (Orly Bonder) and top coat (Poshe).  I had no chipping – and just check out how little tip wear I experienced:
Save for the nail growth at the base and dulled finish, it would still be wearable for several more days (the polish claims to wear up to 11 days).  This is my non-dominant hand but I actually had less tip wear on my right hand, so I’m showing the worst of the two.

• non-streaky, self-leveling formula
• unique neutral colour
• wide brush applies nail polish quickly
• longwearing formula

• no longer readily available, although I still see it listed on clearance online at drugstore.com and amazon.com
• green tinged undertone may not be suitable for all skin tones, especially cooler skin stones

Have you tried the old Revlon ColorStay or the new Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy nail polishes?

20 thoughts on “Untrieds: Revlon ColorStay Bare Bones

  1. I wasn’t expecting it to look that good from the bottle but on your nails, it’s WOW! I’m not too fond of nude polishes but this is quite tempting to purchase. I have the Gel Envy in Full House and I really love the color and formula (:

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  2. I recently bought 2 bottles of the Revlon Colorstay polishes for $2-3 too! It was during the midseason sales but I suspected the store was clearing them out. I can’t wait to try mine when I have time 🙂

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      1. I got a tangerine orange and moss green shade. I don’t remember the exact name (not home atm). Raspberry pink sounds pretty! Can’t wait to see it once you test it

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  3. I’ve tried the revlon colorstay and their nail polishes aren’t bad! Good review. I can see how that color wouldn’t suit everyone and I c an see that it’s great to wear for a springtime everyday color.

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  4. I absolutely LOVE the old (& not discontinued) colorstay gel basecoat… seriously, one of the very few HG items I have for my thin, papery nails! I am tempted to hoard these off ebay sellers (unlikely after reading your dumpster post!!!)

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    1. Nail polish is fairly low risk. Didn’t you tell me about that high-end nail polish service where people can get designer nail polishes to use for a month and then send it back? THAT is pretty gross…


  5. this is fun ……. xxxxxx
    i totally wanna organize a nail PARTY with toronto bloggers …..
    wouldnt that be fun
    like a meet and greet and go to a salon and then have a snack
    or 10 xo


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