Lemming: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

EDIT from the future – I bought this brush!  Here is the review along with comparisons to other brushes I own.  🙂

This is an emergency lemming!  This unplanned post is to ask your opinion about this new MAC brush that launched with the “MAC is Beauty” collection.  Today I had the opportunity to view and touch this brush at the store (I can’t help it, I always stop by the MAC store if there’s a new release).

This is the brush in question:

MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

I really (really) want it.  It’s so soft and feathery and it’s something different that I don’t have in my collection.  I would use it for highlighting and pigmented blushers.  My issue is that it is limited edition (typical MAC!).  And the SA said to me, “Oh this is selling out fast, I only have a few left.”  She just knows what buttons to push!

In your opinion, does the MAC 137 Long Blending Brush look similar to this Hakuhodo G5537BkSL Powder Brush pointed:


They’re really close, right?  I can just wait it out and buy the Hakuhodo once my No-Buy is over, right?  The Hakuhodo is cheaper too, $35  USD vs MAC’s $42 USD ($50.50 CAD, ugh).

To a lesser extent, I also want the smaller eye blending brush (221 Mini Tapered Blending) that was released as part of this collection too:


But I have a few brushes that are similar to this, I think.  And I bet Hakuhodo probably has something similar as well.

Thought?  Ahhh, this is my time of need.  You’re my only hope!

28 thoughts on “Lemming: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush

      1. Thanks! I’ve been using a similar Quo brush for ages and have been thinking of upgrading it. Have a few Sigmas but never tried Hakuhodo, so I might venture there!

        I’m gonna help you hold onto your no-buy, and say you have loads of brushes so don’t get it! ;D

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        1. I used to be ALL about the Quo brushes but as my brush collection grew, I realized that they were quite scratchy compared to other brands. The newer Professional line (black handle) are quite good but pricey.

          Thanks! I think I’m starting to back off this lemming… it was just SO fluffy!

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          1. It IS scratchy! LOL but I have used it for years. I think the scratchiness started to bug me a couple yrs ago but I couldn’t find a replacement that was close enough in size and shape. So I just deal with the scratchiness for now. I am no brush maven, obviously!

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  1. Hakuhodo has something similar to the mini. It looks like my S142 but the MAC is goat. They have the J146 which is also goat and looks pretty similar in shape for $18. The long blending brush is interesting looking, what are you using it for? It seems small for a face power brush, but large to a eye blending brush.

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    1. I was hoping you’d weigh in since you’ve researched so much of the Hakuhodo!
      Oh yes, the Mini does look like the J146. Only $18! Oooh ok lemming killed for that one then. THANK YOU!

      The 137 Long Blending brush is actually quite big – it’s the length and size of a blush brush but not as dense – it’s definitely not an eye brush. I would use it for highlight or pigmented blushes.

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      1. Hmmm the only concern I’d have is how springy the brush is, in terms of control for applying blush since it doesn’t look all that dense. Definitely could be a winner for highlight, even for a setting powder like the Ambient Lighting for all over or under the eyes. The Hakuhodo you have for comparison does look similar. I’ve used the J142 with my pigmented blushes and it works amazing I just literally tap my brush once to prevent picking up too much and slowly build as needed, I remember you had that on your list.

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  2. Don’t fall for Mac’s limited edition collection gimmick! Mac has a new limited collection like every week, even if it’s not always brushes. And you were able to find a cheaper dupe. I say hold off!

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