Sheet mask stash

I’ve amassed a lot of sheet masks.  They’re an inexpensive pick-me-up that have become more readily available in Canada in recent years.  For those of you who don’t know what sheet masks are, they’re pre-soaked disposable paper masks that delivers concentrated skincare (usually serum) to the face. After freshly cleaning the face, the sheet mask is applied for approximately 15 minutes and the remaining serum is allowed to soak into the face, followed by regular moisturizer.  They’re an Asian beauty staple, and it used to be that I purchased mine exclusively online at, but nowadays, with The Face Shop at our local shopping malls, and even drugstores carrying sheet masks, there are endless sources.

Here’s an overview of what’s in my current sheet mask stash – I won’t go too in-depth about each:
10x Face Shop Real Nature sheet masks @ $2 each.  They’re often on some sort of volume discount so I like to stock up.

The outer 2 are also from The Face Shop but they’re a bit more pricey (around $5-8 each as I recall), but they’re supposed to be “awesome” as per the guy who helped me at the store.  The middle one is by Leaders Insolution which I got at an overpriced Asian beauty shop downtown, called Jealousy.  I think I paid $7 for it (I know, I got ripped off).  The only reason why I bought it was because I’ve heard so many rave reviews about this brand of sheet masks, but it’s always sold out online.
Don’t discount these My Melody sheet masks because they’re so cute – they’re actually amazing sheet masks!  This sheet mask was my introduction to 3D masks where the mask is slightly pre-shaped which makes them adhere to the face a lot better.
Box of 5 Lifecella masks – I did a search for “hyaluronic acid” on sasa and this one was well reviewed.  I’ve used 1 mask so far and it’s quite nice – I plan to review these in the future.
I got the 3 on the right for free from the Korean beauty store where I buy my favourite BB cream, and I found the 3 on the left at the drugstore, the “Life” brand is the private label brand of our major drugstore chain, Shoppers Drug Mart.  They were 3 for $5 and are made in Korea.
Random sheet masks from sasa – I always stock up on sheet masks whenever sasa offers free shipping on $29 minimum purchase.  I load up my cart with $29 worth of sheet masks each time. 🙂
I like to sort by lowest price when I’m on sasa – that aqua moisture mask only cost $1 and it’s great.
A few eye masks.  I can’t wait to use the Tony Moly one because it looks hilariously ridiculous.

In total, I currently have 42 sheet masks (not including the eye masks).  I plan to use 1 to 2 masks per week and then when I’m down to a few, I will replenish my inventory.

Are you a sheet mask fiend?  Please recommend your favourites for me to try!

PS. If you’re into sheet masks, head over to Asian Beauty Obsessed, she reviews sheet masks regularly!

24 thoughts on “Sheet mask stash

  1. Your post reminded me that I haven’t used a sheet mask in some time, going to treat myself tonight! My personal favourite at the moment is the Skin Note Deep Moisturising Hydrogel Mask from Etude House. Jay x

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    1. I don’t really have a system like, every Wednesday is sheet mask day! But I do be mindful of doing it once a week at least. Sometimes it’s ad hoc if my skin is particularly dry (esp in the winter) I will do it more frequently. I’ve never had a breakout or skin issues from doing sheet masks, although I think the types I use are fairly tame, none of them are AHAs or acids.


      1. Oh ok. Good to know. When I used to do masks, I would get a little too excited and try everything I could, not really knowing what worked and what broke me out. Now I just stay away from masks and stick to what my derma says. Lol I need guidance clearly.

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    1. You’re right, they are slightly wasteful but there’s something about having the moistened sheet on my face that feels better than just applying serum. It’s more concentrated or something. Do give it a try to see if you find a difference!


  2. You have quite the collection! I’m extremely jealous. I’ve never tried a sheet mask before, but there’s a big hype about them. I may to give them a try 🙂 I always love the adorable packaging too!

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  3. I always wondered what these were called! Sheet masks. I get the under eye ones because I got a free one of the full face masks many years ago at an expo/convention type thingy and I didn’t know what to type into Amazon to look for others, and they’re not big at all in the UK. I tried so many search terms. Thanks for this article!

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  4. Wow! And I thought I had a lot of sheet masks!

    There’s a pretty big new (at least I just discovered it a few weeks ago, but maybe it’s not actually that new?) beauty store on Dundas just west of the Eaton Centre. I can’t remember its name. Have you been there? I liked it a LOT better than Jealousy.

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